ks130888Most of us who work 8-hour days experience that inevitable down time that requires some creative loafing. Sure, you could always pick up the phone and call a friend, read a book, or paint your nails, but typically, the idea is to not look like you are enjoying those stolen moments of free time. Enter – the internet. Given that many of us work in close proximity to a computer with an almost infinite virtual reach, it’s almost impossible to avoid the temptation of surfing the web in your idle time.

With unlimited information at your fingertips, one can (and sometimes to their demise, does) spend hours browsing the Internet. For this reason, many companies have installed software to prevent such entertaining activities from going down. But for those of you lucky enough to thrive in a work environment free from online restrictions, the key is not to get caught abusing your liberties. To aid you in this effort, dig this list that outlines the type of sites you don’t want to get caught browsing while on the clock:

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