Collier Lunn

My experiences with Clutch have been amazing. To engage Dede in conversation renders one helpless as her drive and passion for Clutch are contagious. It is my pleasure to contribute articles and editorial skills to this magnificent online publication that transcends color lines – reaching women globally. I am honored to be in the company of such talented, savvy, and beautiful people. Clutch as provided me a tremendous space to spread my wings and soar to heights I did not believe I could.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CLUTCH! I want to thank Dede for inviting me into her wonderful circle from the very start of this endeavor. And to the Clutch family, you are all amazing. Here’s looking to the great milestones yet to come. I am privileged to travel this bold and beautiful journey with all of you. – Collier Lunn, Contributing Writer

Kristina Williams

Where do I begin? First, I have to say an extra Happy 2nd anniversary to one of the best online magazines out there! And I’m not just saying that because I work for Clutch — but after being an avid reader of Clutch for over a year to now being apart of this extremely gifted team, all I can say is the experience has been nothing short of amazing thus far. From day one, I’ve felt apart of the Clutch family. Clutch has given me the opportunity to grow as a fashion writer and also as a young business woman. Since my start at Clutch back in October of 2008, I’ve learned so much especially about working for a magazine (Hello deadlines and write ups!) and all that it takes to keep it together. It’s a lot of work but the end result is so worth it! And of course it doesn’t hurt to have Dede as your boss! Dede is the sweetest and realest person ever and she pours her heart, soul, sweat and tears in Clutch continuously! I truly look up and admire Dede as she is a living example that dreams can come true with lots of hard work and belief in self. I look forward to many more anniversaries with Clutch as we are truly unstoppable! There’s nowhere else to go but up! :) – Kristina Williams, Fashion Assistant

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