IE141-020In our community, we have a very deep appreciation for curves and a little “meat on the bones.” But we still seem to lack clarity around the issue of Thick vs. Fat. Countless jokes have been told about the matter, and it’s an interesting debate. Do the two weight classes even over lap? An amusing piece by Darryl James explains the male perspective on the matter. In his words:

Ok, fair enough, but dig the follow up:

Albeit that sounds like a pretty chauvinistic opinion, it’s one worth examining. For one thing, who’s to say that men haven’t grasped onto the term “thick” to compensate for an insecure fondness for larger women? I digress…

Scientifically speaking, the Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator is an ideal tool to determine the difference between being a brick house, and just a plain old house. Your BMI is determined by a special mechanism that uses your height and weight to determine your category. The continuum spans from the grossly under-weight, to the massively overweight.

With the increase of obesity in the US, perhaps James may have a point. Talk of enlarging seat sizes on buses and trains can lead one to think that there is a push to normalize massive corpulence. At the same time, one could see it as an ‘evolved’ societal shift that recognizes that we are not all meant to be exact cookie cut outs of one another.

So putting the theory to the test, would it be safe to say that Serena Williams = thick and Monique = fat? What category does Queen Latifah fall under? And how about Jennifer Hudson? The BMI may be a helpful tool for some, but we tend to use our own cultural values as a determining factor for such matters.

At any rate, the thick vs. fat debate rages on – between men and women alike. What do you think, Clutchette’s?

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