85481134As youthful and vibrant as we all may feel, the simple fact is that we are all getting older. Unless you are one of those lucky ones who always stay right in tune with the pulse of modern day youth, chances are you catch yourself showing your age from time to time. Dig these sure fire signs that you are slowly moving out of the realm of young adulthood to full fledged mature adulthood:

  • You mispronounce the names of modern day starlets such as Ciara or Solange.
  • Despite your desperate attempts to adapt to the modern era, you still using lingo from the 90’s like frontin or dope.
  • Your knowledge of popular events is limited to the brief bylines you read on the gossip section of CNN.
  • While with your younger friends, you pretend to know what the heck is going on when they turn on 106 & Park.
  • You tried not to act surprised when you found out that Rihanna is young enough to be your daughter- if you got knocked during your junior prom.
  • You hate the stuff at Urban Outfitters but you buy it – and wear it – because it’s allegedly ‘cool’.
  • You have no idea who 75% of the singers/rappers are when you turn on the stations you used to listen to back in the day.
  • You despise Facebook, Twitter, or any other modern day online social networking creation, but you force yourself to embrace to keep up with your friends and acquaintances.
  • You think hip-hop is dead – but pretend to enjoy the likes of Soulja-Boy & Lil Wayne.

Clutchettes and Gentleman — as usual, please feel free to add to the list!

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