444-672-rihannaembeddedprod_affiliate81Rihanna’s Camp Fighting Nude Pictures Leaked to Internet
Rihanna’s camp is reportedly ready to do legal battle over nude photos believed to be of the singer that were posted on the Internet Friday. TMZ reports that lawyers at Island Def Jam Music Group have sent a letter to at least one web site that posted the photos. The letter references “unauthorized photos purported to be… Rihanna” and demands the pictures be removed from the web site, claiming they violate “the Artist’s rights.”
The letter does not deny or confirm that the photos are of Rihanna. But it’s sure sounding like it. On Friday, seven photos appeared on ImageHaven.net. Two apparently are of Rihanna’s face, while four of the pictures featured various body shots of a semi-nude woman suspected to be her. The woman’s face is not visible in the nude photos. (Continue Reading…)

Alan Keyes Arrested in Notre Dame Protest
Alan Keyes, who lost to Barack Obama in a U.S. Senate race, was arrested Friday protesting President Obama’s invitation to speak at Notre Dame in Indiana. Keyes and 20 others were charged with trespassing, Dennis Brown, a spokesman for the Catholic university, said. Brown said the university has a long-standing policy that only student-led demonstrations are allowed on campus with approval from the office of student affairs. Notre Dame invited Obama to deliver the commencement address and receive an honorary degree May 17, causing an uproar because of his support of abortion rights. Many of the protesters Friday pushed baby strollers covered in fake blood. (Continue Reading…)

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