dailyphoto090515KeKe Palmer Scores Second Season on Nick
Sometimes it’s easy to forget that KeKe Palmer is just a kid. “I can’t go anywhere with kids around,” the 15-year-old says, referring to the excitability of her fan base. “It’s so sweet and it’s so cool. All the (movies) I’ve done before, (kids) may have seen, but it was something that they couldn’t comprehend because it wasn’t aimed for them.” Palmer, taking a break from shooting her Nickelodeon TV series, True Jackson, VP, says the series has allowed her to “reach out” to her peer group. “They’re getting to know me on another side,” says the Illinois native, who starred in 2006’s Akeelah and the Bee and Madea’s Family Reunion. (Continue Reading…)

Chris Rock’s “Hair” Documentary Headed to Theaters
Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” is on its way to the big screen. Roadside Attractions and Liddell Entertainment have acquired worldwide rights to the documentary, which looks at hair culture in the black community. Rock produced and co-wrote “Hair,” and Jeff Stilson directed. The film explores the way hairstyles affect the activities, pocketbooks, sexual relationships and self-esteem of black people. Ice-T, Nia Long, Paul Mooney, Raven Symone, Maya Angelou and the Rev. Al Sharpton share on-camera stories and observations. The HBO Films production won a special jury prize when it premiered at the Sundance festival in January. Roadside plans to release the film theatrically in the fall. (Continue Reading…)

Washington Times Fanned Stereotypes with Obama Daughter’s Picture
The Washington Times quickly yanked the picture of Malia and Sasha Obama juxtaposed with the screaming headline “36 Chicago area kids killed sets record.” Times editor John Solomon blamed it on a computer auto file error. No word from Editor Solomon who or what programmed the computer, and no formal apology either for the slander. No matter, the Times blunder (?) dumped back on the table the sensitive, troubling, and polarizing issue of racial stereotyping. And that’s the issue of the blanket typecasting of young blacks, as crime and violence prone no matter who they are. The plague of gang killing and violence and murders in Chicago that stirred the Obama-murder connection has stirred even more vivid, and lurid images of young blacks as lawbreakers. (Continue Reading…)

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