jayz1Jay-Z Confirms Split with Def Jam
There will be no encore for Jay-Z and Def Jam. The rapper confirms reports that he has left the record company where he made most of his biggest hits and went from artist to president, and back to artist again. In an interview with the Web site RapRadar.com, he thanks the label’s executives and calls his time at Def Jam “a unique and fulfilling experience.” Last year, Jay-Z and Live Nation struck a wide-ranging deal that included touring, publishing and albums. Jay-Z had owed Def Jam one more record. A representative for Jay-Z declined to elaborate on his comments. (Continue Reading…)

Will Smith to Star in Katrina Drama
Will Smith’s production company has partnered with Sony Pictures Entertainment to bring to life the story of one of the many heroes of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath, the two companies announced Wednesday (May 20). Overbrook Entertainment and Sony have earned the film rights to the story of former Marine John Keller, who rescued nearly 244 of his neighbors in New Orleans in the days that followed one of the largest natural disaster on American soil to date. (Continue Reading…)

Black Women Contract HIV/AIDS Mostly Through Heterosexual Activity
C. Virginia Fields, president of the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, was giving a speech in Rocky Mount, N.C. last week before a group of social service providers when she made a surprising revelation about the AIDS epidemic. “One of the things I talked about were the numbers for heterosexual Black women,” Fields recounted. “When people heard that, they were very surprised. It’s something that they did not know, it’s something they had not focused on.” (Continue Reading…)

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