dailyphoto090504Mos Def Convinces Co-Stars to Ban ‘N’ Word
Mos Def banned the use of the ‘N’ word on the set of his new movie Next Day Air in a bid to urge his co-stars to use less controversial terms to “express” themselves. The rapper/actor stars alongside Donald Faison, Mike Epps and Wood Harris in the funny crime caper, about a drug shipment which is delivered to the wrong address. And Mos Def convinced his African-American co-stars to make sure language in the film and on the set was respectful at all times – by outlawing the racially-charged word. (Continue Reading…)

Black Lawmakers Arrested for Darfur Protest
Washington police arrested five US lawmakers Monday during a protest outside the Sudanese embassy over the humanitarian crisis in Sudan’s Darfur region. Organizers said the five, who included Democratic representative John Lewis (above), a leading veteran of the US civil rights movement, were detained for civil disobedience after refusing a police order to disperse. “Almost a half a million people have been killed,” Rep. Lewis said. “This terror, this violence must end and it must end soon.” (Continue Reading…)

Africans Must Travel to the Moon: Uganda President
Africans must travel to the moon to investigate what developed nations have been doing in outer space, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said Saturday. “The Americans have gone to the moon. And the Russians. The Chinese and Indians will go there soon. Africans are the only ones who are stuck here,” Museveni said, addressing a meeting of the Uganda Law Society in Entebbe. “We must also go there and say: ‘What are you people doing up here?’.” (Continue Reading…)

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