Multi-Grammy, Stellar and Dove award winner Israel Houghton is back with brand new music in his latest solo project Power of One, in stores now. Known for blending the sounds across many different cultures, and a mission to make world-changing music for all, there’s sure to be something for everyone everywhere. Even though we may find ourselves really rocking to Hougton’s music, more important is the message, a blessing we might not have had if it were not for his strong mother who, at 17 and unwed, decided to go against her parents wishes to abort her unborn baby, son to a Black father.

When I’m home, which is not often, I start my day jet skiing on my lake in Houston before the sun comes up and connect with God, that’s my prayer time

When Israel is not traveling the world, spreading the message of Christ through music, he starts his day in prayer and getting close to God. “When I’m home, which is not often, I start my day jet skiing on my lake in Houston before the sun comes up and connect with God, that’s my prayer time” After doing about 70 MPH around the lake, he gets the kids ready for school. But this dad isn’t too strict because he works for Christ. This cool dad has been known to let the kids play hooky and surprise them with a trip to Target. “My kids love Target.”

When there was once much concern and criticism-some of which Israel has come under about gospel music sounding so unlike gospel music, he doesn’t let that deter him from his mission in spreading The Word globally. ” I think in my spectrum, I’m very intentional in making music for all people. I want my music to be a bridge-builder culturally.” “Some have said, ‘he needs to be Blacker, he needs to be Whiter, [I say] ‘let’s just be a bridge.” “When we get to heaven, we’re all going to be together.” Now, just because Israel is solo in more than 10 years doesn’t mean New Breed, his fellow music makers and world changers, are no more. “New Breed is a fully functional group with or without me.” In fact, for you New Breed fans, they have an album coming soon.

While the whole country is looking forward for change under the new Obama administration, Power of One was written years before political change took shape. When asked about the movement of change we’re all experiencing Israel states, ” Change is here right now.” [Power of One] talks about unity, and more writing along these themes is in the works.”


For more information on Israel Houghton please visit www.newbreedmusic.com and www.myspace.com/israelhougton.

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  • ceecee

    I LOVE LOVE Israel Houghton, his songs minister to me, there was one area of my life I had been dealing with for years and a song from his last album Deeper Level made me understand clearly what I had been going through and what I needed to do to release myself from that.

    I encourage people to look past the sound even if it sounds like a genre you will not normally listen to and allow the words minister to you.

  • Joelle

    AWESOME!!! Thank you for posting!!