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  • jewel

    Cute young man, but I am so Sick of the same themes in these videos. Seriously!

  • The song is a club banger and definately something to ride to. Yes, the video has a similar theme as most Hip/Hop videos, but he’s an up and coming artist, so you shouldnt be expecting him to produce something out of the norm. I am just wondering how will he rebound from this single, because clearly that cannot be his natural singing voice. So, does he have real talent, that remains to be seen…deuces

  • Ansley

    His video could have been more exciting. Yawnn…

  • he shouldnt danced with dat winch, shes skinny and wasnt really doin a thing!!!

  • quad

    i luv him in general cuz his voice is so sexy and he is so hott!!!! i mean really who wouldnt want 2 do him 2 this song…..