“I bust the windows out your car, after I saw you laying next to her. I didn’t want to but I took my turn. I’m glad I did it cause you had to learn.” – Jazmine Sullivan

The power of suggestion is indeed an amazing thing. As if we didn’t know the risk we’d take bringing bricks to a snowball fight, common sense. Yet at times, life’s difficulties override sound judgment, especially if a man is crazy enough to draw a flame near kerosene. But in the real world that resides apart from the quills inside our broken heart, the cost for being reckless can scar even deeper than the initial problem.

Unless you have diplomatic immunity Ladies, I suggest you drop the crowbar and opt not to succumb to this imprint of irrational logic. Bust the Windows, is not only a manifesto of bad medicine to cure the soul of a broken heart, but it’s also the quickest way to transition a temporary issue into a long term problem. Sure, you start out busting windows, and then you move onto getting busted, which will generally lead to having hopes of one day busting out. Jail is probably worse on the heart than cheating ever could be. So unless you’re Madea, you might actually have to serve time for your indiscretions, even if it was merely a reaction to someone else who gave you reason.

Still Bust the Windows, you say? Yes, at times it’s seems understandably necessary. I too have been in a situation where I palmed a steel resolution to defend my hearts-undying plea of retribution. Yet a fear of trading a steel bar for permanent iron bars soon there after, quickly dissolved any thoughts of acting upon that risky mission.

jazmine_6Yet, sometimes we’re riddled with a rage that just won’t phase out or casually simmer down. Sometimes the will for vindication supersedes our ability to see reason. Rage, it’s that moment when a sound mind engages in an illicit affair with a loss of better judgment. Sure you’ve always been happily married to logic, but now Mr. Hyde’s tapped in and is resting closer than a whisper. Sometimes the necessity isn’t in being rational, but rather, being rational sometimes means seeking revenge. Here are a few reasons why women might opt to bust some windows.

You just found out your man was on the “Down Low”.
When it comes to sexual preference, to each his own. But when it comes to exploration, don’t do it on a woman’s time or as an afterthought to her emotions. Relationships are supposed to be an open book. Part of living up to that standard entails placing your cards upon the table from the very beginning. The world we live in was built to house individuality. I personally respect a person’s right to gender preference, but no woman is down for coming home and finding her man in bed with his secret male lover. There are too many freedoms out here for men to still be exploring their sexuality while hiding in heterosexual relationships. Not only are his windows getting busted, but so are the window’s in his partner’s vehicle too.

If he gets your sister pregnant.
You can switch this up however you like. The point I’m trying to make is that, it’s one thing to cheat with a stranger, but when it comes to consideration, family members should remain off limits. Yet I’d hate to pose the theory that cheating somehow houses room for a respect. Not likely. But seriously fellas, it’s easy for a woman to move on from a betrayal with a stranger, but when it comes to personal relationships you don’t always have the option to runaway from a sister. Just think, if it turns out that their pregnant too, it gives a woman’s heart a double whammy. Not only will she eventually have to interact with her sister again, but now the face of her broken heart will be permanently embedded between the cheeks of her new niece or nephew.

If you contract an incurable disease as a result of his cheating.
There’s always a risk when you engage in a sexual relationship, but after the love is dead and gone, the only thing that should remain in your life is his memory, not the Positive results from a trip to the clinic. This is sad but true. Women and men get tested all the time at the start of a new relationship. But, a routine check up can be the truth meter that awakens you to the fact the he’s been straying without utilizing protection. You’d be lucky if he left you with something a simple shot could cure in a couple days. But too many women get left with HIV, HPV or even Herpes from a man’s careless sexual vacation.

He cleaned out your bank account.
Don’t mess with a woman’s money. Do I need to repeat that? After a breakup or minutes before the rule is simple, everything you put into the relationship is exactly what you’re entitled to there after. My money should leave in my hands only. Men, if you share a joint bank account, and you know you only deposited $2.00 of the $2,000 balance, you better walk away with your 8 quarters and leave the $1,998 well enough alone. Breakup’s can be extremely nasty and when you add in the element of money the situation can take a quick left to ugly. Women don’t have time to be taking up lawsuits on Judge Judy. We’ll come for what’s ours, whether we get it in the form of presidential bills or by destroying a man’s property. Batter’s up.

Fooled me twice…
As the saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice…” we’ll now that deserves retaliation. It’s already hard enough to come back from love’s darkest nightmare, but if you give a man a chance to emit a little light, and he continues to eclipse you with a stream of infidelities, well then he’s unconsciously asking you to throw a brick through his windshield. At least that’s what it sounds like to me.

He kissed you after cheating.
So you’ve seen the lipstick on his collar, since you’re the only one who washes his clothes. He denies it. His car smells like “Be Delicious”, but your scent of choice is Juicy Couture. It must be all in your mind. But now you smell the scent of her femininity between the corners of his lips, after he had the audacity to kiss you after a late night out. You see it’s one thing for a man to deny he’s cheating, but for us to continue to have suspicions and then be awakened by this type of clarity is how you build the shortest bridge from rage to insanity. This might lead you from wanting to just bust windows to something more permanent like busting caps. Be easy ladies.

Please feel free to add onto the list ladies… and gents.

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