Sex sells, so it would stand to reason that when a fading star, or wanna-be celeb make a last ditch effort to resuscitate – or jump start a career – they take the path of sexploitation. The infamous sex tape with Ray-J jump started Kim Kardashian’s career; while recent tawdry photographs that surfaced on the Internet have propelled Rihanna’s star even further into the stratosphere, and possibly bought Cassie a few more minutes of fame.

Without getting inundated with raw data, it’s important to note that there are an estimated 372 Million porn web pages; 3% produced by the UK, 4% produced by Germany; 89% produced by the US.* Other sobering statistics include the fact that sex is the most searched word on the internet, and each day, 266 new porn sites are born. This may explain why the 3rd most visited site in the US is adultfriendfinder.com (next to MSN & YouTube).

Sadly, talent has taken a back seat to manufactured stardom. With the broadcasting of explicit imagery – even the exploitative quality of reality shows – it’s increasingly common for those desperate for attention to use the most sleazy, self denigrating methods to achieve fame and fortune.

Now, by no means do we encourage, or support public displays of smutty behavior, but since it seems to be the recipe for ‘success’ nowadays, we thought it would be amusing to point out a few celebrities that may possibly employ a little X-rated exposure to breathe life back into their decaying careers:

For those of you who are wondering why women outnumber men in the list above, it directly correlates to the fact that 72% of Internet porn connoisseurs are men; only 28% are women. Perhaps when the business of making money is on par with the business of nurturing raw talent, we may see an end to this trifling trend.

Current case in point: Gossip blog MediaTakeOut reported that that nude pics of J-Lo may be hitting the net soon, the day before they posted porno footage of former Flavor of Love flunky Hoopz. And the saga continues….

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  • Soul Cry

    Sorry, but I believe this is SOLELY the result of a hacker.

    Rihanna didn’t need to leak these photos, many photographers/mags would have paid large amounts of money to have her featured on their mags (KING, Playboy, etc).

    I honestly believe this is a hacker, and I believe he has a few more to hit the net (unless he gets caught first). There is one taking credit…Young Turk I believe his name is.

    And this includes Cassie as well. She may not have a singing career, but I mean really.

  • I don’t believe there’s a hacker. That’s every celebrity’s excuse. There’s nothing wrong with taking personal pictures or filming yourself, but celebrity’s KNOW the risk they’re taking by putting stuff on their personal computers and cell phones. Blackberries and Sidekicks can easily be hacked into and someone from their camp [or outside of their camp] could easily get access to their personal business. If they’re gonna be freaky, be careful about it. LOL But for Cassie and Rihanna, I don’t think this was by accident. I think they were careless and wanted their pictures out for the world to see for two reasons: They both lack talent and the only way they can keep relevancy [or gain it] is by putting themselves out there no matter the cost. Both of them are supposedly working on new albums and they need a buzz surrounding their names so they did it the quick and easy way to keep their names a hot topic on blogsites. I think it’s pretty sick and pathetic when that’s what people turn to keep a few bucks in their pocket.