In fashion, the transition of styles from the Spring to the Summer season is a very subtle one. So much so, that if you aren’t paying attention you can miss a major fashion mark and risk under or overstyling an emerging or fading trend. So after careful observation, the fashionistas here at Clutch have spotted the fiercest dual seasonal trends ideal for those mild spring afternoons and cool summer nights. Wear our favorite picks in tune with your own personal style and you’re sure to garner the most flattering praises.

One of the most unexpected fashion comebacks of the year, denim jackets have seemingly become all the rage. Whether classic, trench or motorcycle cut, everyone from Rihanna to Kanye West has stylishly proven this vintage outer piece has regained its modern purpose. No matter if you’re relaxing in a pair of crisp linen pants and tank top or just need something to wear over that sexy LBD, a denim jacket is sure to exude a cool and casual confidence.

As most followers of the fashion faith would attest to, the shoes make the outfit! Show you’re a risk taker in a sexy pair of spiked platforms. Can’t afford those Balmain’s you saw Cassie in a few weeks ago? More affordable designs by equally talented designers such as Melody Ehsani and Jeffrey Campbell will set you apart from everyone else in the room just the same as their higher priced counterparts.

When the notoriously chic evening accessory grew oversized a few seasons ago, clutches went from dinner to daytime. Having a fun afternoon with your fabulous girlfriends? Grab that large clutch. It’s now designed to fit just as much as you would be able to store in your faithful hobo. Are you secretly a large bag carrier with hardly anything in it? Trade it in for a day with a cute yet, practical sized clutch. The right clutch can add a sexy air of sophistication to any daytime look.

The days of matching accessory sets are over! Ladies, matching earrings, chains and bracelets are a thing of the fashion past. Don’t be afraid to wear your gold, silver and bronze bangles together. Yes, at the same time! Shoes don’t match your bag? Don’t worry about it. As long as you are combining the right adverse hues and show an overall consistency in your style choices, you’ll be sure to accentuate your summer appeal.

What are some of your favorite trends of the season?

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