Marcia Hamilton

Celebrity Hair Stylist Marcia Hamilton

Like any tremendously talented hair stylist in the industry who is worth their salt, Marcia Hamilton has achieved all the prerequisite accolades. With that said, these awards amass her credibility, but it is aptitude, edgy and passionate approach to hair creations where fashion stylist agree, Marcia is one of the most inspiring hair artist of the next century.

Marcia is consistent in her ability to convey pre determined looks effortlessly. When challenged to create with no direction, Marcia has the ability to immediately recognize what is needed and deliver the perfect hair art contribution. She is definitely the go to “it girl” of hair.

Not only has Marcia mastered her approach to creating fashion from hair styling but based her personable style, she has come to be known as a trendsetter. So much so, that industry insiders have cast her as a fixture in music videos and sitcoms. Most recently Marcia was cast as a celebrity hair stylist in Style Networks number one rated show, “Split Ends”.

Marcia has created looks for Jada Pinkett Smith, John Legend, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Roland, Minnie Driver and many more.

Being huge fans of Marcia Hamilton and her gift we reached out and asked her to do a celebrity how-to using one of her clients as the inspiration. Clutchettes – get ready for a glamorous treat!

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