32540If you’re anything like me and enjoy the continual symmetric rotation of soulful rhythms and salacious beats that surround the vocal chemistry acquainted with ear bending lyricism, then you’re in love with real music and have been quenching for some of your favorite missing artists as of lately.

For some of you, the wait on satisfying your relentless appetite for smooth music is over, while us others are silently waiting for a new groove to rebound that burning desire. Here’s a few of our favorite artists who we’ve been patiently yearning for.

Teedra Moses:

Complex Simplicity, indeed an underrated classic. I’ve been in love with the sound that is Teedra Moses since the moment she had me Caught Up in her Backstroke. Like most of us “cool outrageous lovers of unique raw style,” (Thank you Fonzworth Bentley), if you dig a lick like Caution or Be Your Girl, you’ve been forced to suppress your hunger for a sound that quakes on the Richter Scale at a10.0 magnitude of epic proportion, since her debut in 2004. Although the saucy songstress has a dozen writing credits affixed to her amazing resume’ like Dip It Low by Christina Milian and So Lady by Mary J Blige, a song just doesn’t sound the same unless it’s unleashed through the vocal throes of Moses herself.

After years of my picketing outside the homes of the music industries powers that be, and demanding more substance and authenticity on my radio, the world has finally been offered another melody under the wings of this unparalleled talent. Rumor has it, that aside from the three mixtapes Moses has been pumping out from the underground, she’s heading back into the mainstream with the release of her forthcoming sophomore album titled The Young Lioness. This anticipated release has been pushed back numerous times due to the unyielding red tape surrounding the world of entertainment. Hopefully we’ll be able to get our TM fix before the end of this year. We’re crushing with fascination to hear the next level of what escapes such an underestimated artist.


For more information on Teedra Moses please visit her at www.myspace.com/teedramoses


Erykah Badu:

When you’re the brightest bulb in the female neo-eclectic outlet, who can match your intensity or dare to rival you in your authentic rhythm? No one, if you’re Erykah Badu. I hate to be biased, or come off like a superfan-which I’ll easily admit to, but she’s definitely that raw sweetness in our jonesing for some urban Honey.

This catalyst of creativity has been hurtin ’em since the days of country cousins and her ability to keep it at a level of 100% never fades. Like a lone pillar standing in an ocean full of rivals, Badu beats the odds in the industries musical storm by being an artistic tsunami rather than an occasional tidal wave. In looking towards the future, we’re expected to be blessed with the follow-up to her 2008 album, New Amerykah Part One: 4th World War by the end of this year. As we rest on the heals of the sequel, you can expect the socially conscious musician to bring it full circle as she drops jewels of lyrical knowledge to keep the awareness flowing. Be on the lookout for the late Christmas gift, New Amerykah Part Two: Return of Ank on December 29th. In knowing the works of Badu, it’s likely another heater. Remain patient.


For more information on Erykah Badu please visit her at www.erykahbadu.com or www.myspace.com/erykahbadu



I think we’ve all been mourning his departure from the industry long enough, and are finally at a midpoint of healing due to the presence of Pretty Wings and being just seconds away from the release of Black Summers Night his latest musical endeavor. For true Maxwell fans, having patience is an understatement. We’ve been in a state of continual hope, yearning for nothing aside from a musical whisper. It’s been eight years since Now. It’s been eight long years since we’ve been nurtured by his velvety soft voice, or swept away by the sumptuous flavoring of his soul resounding music. As I go through the myriad of song choices in my head that blanket my Maxwell love affair, I expect the journey through his new album to offer me 11 more reasons to remain committed to his artistry. From Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite, to Embrya and Now, his music is the perfect port of call for lovers of passion, emotion, and raw vulnerability. On July 7th, be reawakened by your undying fantasy. A Black Summers Night is here, the wait is finally over.


For more information on Maxwell please visit him at www.musze.com or myspace.com/maxwell.



From between those ruby red lips arises the most precious gem in the treasure hunt for an invaluable songstress. Helen Folasade Adu, also known as Sade, truly is No Ordinary Love when it comes her unabridged talent compared to others in this ever growing industry. In my opinion, not many other female artists portray the passion and depth behind their music the way Sade’ continually delivers through each track. Her songs don’t just bring you on a musical journey but rather they lead your heart and soul through an open experience. Whether it be a hymn of laboring love, or the dampening lyrics from the clouds in a broken heart, she delivers a chilling tale of sincerity each time she embarks upon a musical passage.

As many rumors cascade through the air and we stay patiently bound to her last album Lovers Rock, we continually dare to wonder whether or not she’s going to make us wait another beat for her overdue return. It’s been nine long years since she’s been By Your Side, but if you have the heart of a life long fan it’ll be easy to rebirth the chemistry since it never really left you anyway. November 24th rumors were floating around the world of cyberspace as the potential release date of her new material, but as you all know, you don’t rush inspiration, so Sade and Sony have refuted that rumor and have yet to offer us a counter date. But for those of you in need of a little bittersweet aphrodisiac of musical proportion, I assure you our “quiet storm” is coming, so keep clinging to your umbrellas. Remember, when it comes to Sade, it’s always “as good as the first time.”


For more information on Sade please visit her at www.sadeusa.com or myspace.com/sade.



My ears continually weep for the days of that piercing falsetto that once captured the intricate rhythms surrounding the groove-acious Philly sound. A lone voice that diversified in nature but exemplified an unmatchable refinement that immediately satisfied my appetite for impressive neo soul. I long… for Bilal. Even as I wave goodbye to his steamy Soulquarian influenced debut, 1st Born Second, I’m still patiently waiting for an official follow-up that’ll bring me back to the days of that insatiable Raphael Saadiq produced ballad known famously as Soul Sista.

Bilal made his initial mark on the mainstream world of music when he debuted under the label Interscope Records in 2001. Shortly after his arrival, he seemingly vanished from the world surrounding a center stage microphone, but continued to lend his unabridged talent and vocal styling to other artists only assuming a position in the background. For some reason the music industry undercuts the intelligent artist but continually boasts for those saturated in a manufactured reflection. Although Bilal didn’t capture the audible crown he was searching for, his music has an incredible vibe that paved a road for a considerable following. He still tours to sold-out crowds, offers vocals and production to artists ranging from Solange to The Game and on back to the woman who once helped him brave the industry, Erykah Badu. He also continues to record with a relentless possibility of one day providing his fans with something fresh and new to groove to. Rumor has it, that our wait is finally over. For those who didn’t catch Love for Sale, his once expected sophomore album that was somehow leaked to the web, his new official 2nd coming is set for release later this year. Under his own label Jazzman Music, be on the look out for his new album Air Tight’s Revenge. But don’t fret, if you’re losing a little patience or the ability to keep it together, hunt down the mixtape compilation, The Return of Mr. Wonderful. It’s a collection of new music, artistic collaborations and live recordings that’ll captivate your mood and truly foreshadows the wonderful things Bilal promises you should patiently wait for. Get ready… artistic love is on the way.


[Photo Credit: Joris]
For more information on Bilal, please visit him at www.myspace.com/bilaloliver or www.bilal-the-man.com.


Lauryn Hill:

Right after the mass success of the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, and a quick disappearance soon there after, it was like Lauryn Hill left planet earth, yet in reality she was in a self-imposed exile. The controversial songstress behind tracks like Doo Wop (That Thing) and Everything is Everything, had taken a break from her plateau of major stardom to reenter the universe under a more quiet yet conscious vision. Being a mere ghost in the mainstream spotlight, but continually recording and performing on more of an underground level, Hill’s latest music doesn’t just serve to entertain but rather to deliver intellect and warning.

Some say the Daughter of Zion is becoming a bit far out in her actions and present day thinking. Wyclef Jean openly blames the singer for the departure of the Fugees, both the first and the second time coming. Many believe the reason she has yet to release another album with Columbia, is not because she isn’t writing music, but due to the fact that as of late she has become far from reasonable to work with. Rumors? I’d have to personally be there to pass judgment, but nothing can take away from the fact that she’s in an incredible artist. Whether her music is under the veil of her radical point of view or under fire for raising hell in the Vatican, from behind any microphone and surrounded by her own liner notes to life’s mission, Hill will always be poised in promise and blanketed by the echo of raw talent. We’re still patiently waiting for the return of her truth; music without boundaries that’ll satisfy our need for depth and understanding. Keep your fingers crossed, hopefully the wait is almost over.


For more information on Lauryn Hill, please visit her at www.laurynhill.com or www.myspace.com/laurynhill.



Since 1994, I’ve been hooked on the voice behind the seductive lyrics that brought us Brown Sugar and Untitled (How Does It Feel), but lately, my necessary fix has gone temporarily unfulfilled, leaving my ears weeping in the shadows of his absence. But that was until yesterday…

It’s been a long time coming, in respect to our desire for a new album, but even now we’re getting a partial glimpse of what the future holds for soul singer D’Angelo and his signature sound. Recently, I was awakened by the sweet tones of a mighty chant, “I Believe… that’s love,” and soon after I started to accept his truth; he was on the verge of starting anew. It began with Believe, a collaboration with Q-tip, another artist who’s tested our patience before releasing the admirable compilation known as The Renaissance, and now it’s onto the banks of James River, the forthcoming album from D’Angelo himself. Still lingering in production, but minutes away from being a new release, we can expect to be graced with the fond memories of an eclectic Voodoo, but from an angle of musical maturity and elevation. It’s been 9 years since he delivered our all time favorite album, and it won’t be long now till he replaces it with something new and sensational to groove too. I’ve Found My Smile Again, due in part to the rapture brought about by the consuming melody of a D’Angelo single. Patience paves roads to an acceptable outcome. Get ready for your just desserts, we’re going to blanketed with a sweet offering.

For more information on D’Angelo, please visit him at www.myspace.com/dangeloand www.okayplayer.com.



Since their emergence as a dirty south hiphop duo with the release of Southernplayalisticadillacmusik, after 15 years of being active in the industry, they’ve brought us through a sea of musical change, but we’ve always given them a tide of understanding. Because they’re always kicking out good music, no matter the style or the direction, we adapt to their rhythm. Quite like a lush garden of effortless melodies, their music interchanges in its sound but never disrupted in its natural beauty. That’s artistry at it’s best, seen through the eccentric eyes of Andre’ 3000 and his partner Big Boi who come together as Outkast.

The current state of Hip Hop, being drenched in commercial appeal, has us sending up flares and S.O.S flags yearning for the return of the unmatchable duo. Right now the two are on the foothills of releasing their solo albums. First up Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, a new release from Big Boi that’s set to drop sometime this summer. Royal Flush, the first single off the album, features Andre’ 3000 and Raekwon, so even as we wait for an official Outkast release, we’re still being served a bit of juice to counter our thirsty attitude. We have yet to get a confirmation on Andre’ 3000’s solo spotlight, but for a man who’s bulb is always shining, you can still get your fix off of tracks like Greenlight, a collaboration he did with John Legend. While you’re twiddling your thumbs in relentless anticipation for a new Outkast album, replay Aquemini or Stankonia, maybe it’ll deepen your patience and hold you over till their newest hour arrives. The countdown has already begun.


For more information on Outkast, please visit them at www.outkast.com or www.myspace.com/outkast.

Clutchettes and gents who are you patiently waiting for?

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