79860411Regardless of what those disgruntled Republicans say, scores of Americans believe that President Obama and his administration are doing their best to save this sinking ship called the U. S. of A. Despite their efforts, a continually growing deficit, and dollar on the decline, it appears as though we’re heading, en masse, towards trying times of unprecedented proportions. By no means do we advocate that the USA is not worth saving, alas, it’s hard not to fantasize about jumping ship from time to time. For those of you who indulge in this guilty pleasure, dig the following points that may justify your desire to evacuate:

  • The dollar ain’t worth ish. At this point, you may be better off getting a simple job abroad, like teaching English for example. In this economy, you’ll most likely be in a position to support your family back on the mainland, and even have enough left to take regular vacations.
  • Our experience in this country has always been a stressful one. Fleeing the US may a be a great idea for those of you who are sick of American-styled discrimination and seek to exist far away from the distinctly rigid social structure that stems from the American slave system.
  • Education is always the first to be hit by rough financial times, so if you have, or are planning to have children, they stand a better chance of receiving a decent education outside of the US – and may end up mutli-lingual in the process.
  • The fact that many Americans seriously considered Sarah Palin qualified to act as Vice President have left many fully prepared to run for the hills.
  • For those of you who are uninsured (or under-insured), imagine a day where if you were to accidentally cut yourself, and the first thought in your mind wouldn’t revolve around whether you can afford to have your severed finger sewed back onto your hand? Many countries actually view medical services a human service – not a for-profit business.
  • For the singles, this could be your moment to stand out from the crowd. As an expat, you’ll carry an edge of exoticism that’s bound to add volume to your dating life. That is, unless, you choose to live in an area where Americans are widely detested.
  • Practically speaking, there are several areas of the world that are actually experiencing huge economic upturns, China being one of them. With the right business strategy, spending a few productive years in select developing regions can yield favorable financial results.
  • Living abroad is an excellent way to broaden your mind and scope of experiences. Talk to anyone who’s spent a significant time out of the US and they will tell you that by immersing yourself in a new culture, you may grow in ways in which you never thought possible.

A growing number of Americans from all backgrounds are making their homes outside the boundaries of the United States. It’s no easy task to enculturate oneself into an unfamiliar environment, as it is no small feat to thrive in a country in facing such socio-economic turmoil. There are no clear answers – all any of can do is hold on tight, have faith, and continue to forge on.

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