dailyphoto090701Vibe Magazine Folds After 16 Years
Vibe magazine, the urban glossy founded in 1992 by legendary producer Quincy Jones, announced on Tuesday (June 30) that the publication is folding and will no longer produce print issues or publish its Web site, Vibe.com. With the closing of the title, effective immediately, there now remains no large circulation print publication dedicated to covering hip-hop, R&B and fashion on a mainstream level. During the magazine’s memorable 16-year-run, a number of iconic covers were produced, chief among them images of Suge Knight’s Death Row roster adorned all in black, and simple, striking photos of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and Aaliyah to mark their deaths. The magazine, however, will forever be remembered for its controversial coverage of the East Coast/ West Coast hip-hop rivalry, which inspired many of the scenes from the film “Notorious.” (Continue Reading…)

NAM: BET Missed the Mark with Michael Jackson Tribute
Over the past week many of us have sat in seething anger as news show after news show and pundit after pundit have been granted large platforms and an abundance of air time to come and trash Michael Jackson. I’m not talking about raising a couple of controversial issues here and there, but some of the folks who have been dragged out the sewer with the express purpose of going all out not to just to smash on MJ, but to do so in such away that it would hurt us. It was like some diabolical mind sat in a room and said ‘Here’s how you can really totally demoralize Black folks-take their biggest icon and treat him like shit while the body is still warm’ Watching the coverage of Michael Jackson on many of these mainstream news outlets has me wondering if MJ did something personal to some of them. Simply put, OJ Simpson got and gets better treatment. (Continue Reading…)

Jackson’s Public Viewing Set Amid Speculation on Cause of Death
A lawyer filed Michael Jackson’s will — written seven years ago — with the Los Angeles County Superior Court on Wednesday morning, court officials said. Jackson placed his entire estate in the Michael Jackson Family Trust, which was described in another document being filed in court Wednesday. The mother of his two oldest children was left out of his will. “I have intentionally omitted to provide for my former wife, Deborah Rowe Jackson,” Jackson’s will said. Also Wednesday, more than two dozen TV satellite trucks lined a narrow, two-lane road leading to Neverland Ranch, jostling to reserve space for a public viewing of the pop icon’s body later this week. (Continue Reading…)

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