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It is common knowledge that Paris is one of the major fashion capitals and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is the mecca of all things artistic and extravagant and has produced some of the greatest artists in history. The legacy continues with a fresh and talented fashion designer, Dolita Paris. Dolita is most certainly no stranger to the fashion industry, however, she is a newbie to the United States – New York City to be exact in which she just moved to recently this year. In the quest to mirror the success and accolade she has received back home in Europe, Dolita has been show casing her latest collection at small events in venues all through the Big City and down the east coast. With having a successful showing at New York Fashion Week last season and having megastar Beyonce coveting her designs, its evident that Dolita Paris is clearly on the path to becoming a signature brand on the same level as a Dontella Versace or Diane Von Furstenberg. Just wait and see.

Clutch: For those who are unfamiliar, describe the Dolita Paris brand.
Dolita: It is ultra feminine. I use a lot of lace, Silk Jersey lycra, which for me is a fabric that accentuates a woman’s sensuality and self-assurance.

Clutch: You started in the industry at the age of 16, which is incredible. What was it like being in such a glamorous industry at such a young age? What did you learn?
Dolita: I learned sense of proportion. I learned the discipline of hard work behind the beauty and the dream of fashion. I also learned the freedom of Art and the passion of creativity.

Clutch: What’s the biggest myth about the fashion industry you’ve learned firsthand that isn’t true?
Dolita: When you look at a magazine cover or fashion photo, it looks like an easy job for the model, the photographer, the designer, the stylist, the make up artist, the artistic director, everyone involved. Not at all. It takes hours of preparation and hard work for only one “perfect” shot and so much more for a all Fashion show.

Clutch: You’ve lived in the top fashion capital of the world, Paris – what do you love most about the culture there… particularly the fashion?
Dolita: I love Paris, which is also the capital of Art. New York is a great city, but here, the fashion industry is more interested in celebrity, in money, in who represents the label. The fashion industry in my country is more interested in the designer, in the artistic originality. Here, you don’t have to be a designer to design. In France, it is totally different.

Clutch: You’ve recently shown a collection at Bryant Park for Fashion Week this past Spring with huge success, are you planning to show again this year?
Dolita: Yes, I will. It will be original and spontaneous.

Clutch: If you had to pick a muse to be the face of your next collection, who would you pick and why?
Dolita: If you are a free-spirited woman and love yourself, you are my muse.

Clutch: Being a designer of color, do you believe that you have to work twice as hard to make it in the industry? What do you believe has been your key to success thus far?
Dolita: I have never thought that way. I’m from Paris and I always worked with top people from the media, fashion and music industries as well as artists. Being a woman, being black, being Asian, and being white – all of which I am — was an advantage. I know there is a politics of race here, but it is also so that green is the color of success! Anyway, you must see that fashion is hard work and it is especially hard right now. I work more than 16 hours a day for my line. What matters are my amazing clients who love my line and give the real life to my dresses .

Clutch: We know that you’re headed to the states to expand your brand. Without giving away too much, what’s next in store for Dolita Paris?
Dolita: I am now holding fashion events & shows in New York and I am working on new lines with Fopp’s Boutique!

Clutch: If we were to steal your Clutch. What would we find inside?
Dolita: One Yves Saint Laurent pink make-up holder, one black Chanel make-up holder with my business cards and credit cards, Ange Ou Demon perfume by Givenchy, my little scissors ( I call them my mini ciseaux), two cell phones, my appointment book, model composites and so much safety pins!

For more information please visit www.dolitaparis.com.

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