Representing the voice of the spunky and adorably outrageous younger sister to the mature fashionista, Boys+Clothes was created with the intention to act as a small fashion and lifestyle blog for likeminded fashionably daring NYC twenty-something’s. But, in less than a year since their official launch on October 31, 2008, the quaint blog has evolved into a noisemaking media brand housing a full tri-annual digital magazine, style consulting group and creative promotions firm.

With their knowledge of the fashion industry and commitment to individuality, the ladies behind Boys+Clothes are sure to make their mark in the fashion and entertainment industries. Capitalizing on the transformation of modern media, the girls have managed to create a niche explosion in both the virtual and physical worlds with their daily blog and social presence.

Whether you’re bold enough to wear those 5 inched stiletto platforms they’re gushing over or brazen enough to engage in the weekly life and relationship debates, you’re bound to appreciate the authenticity of the Boys+Clothes energy.

Visit www.boysandclothes.com for cutting edge trends, style hits or misses, new music, lifestyle and relationship issues and their many monthly events.

Congrats Teneille — we love you!!

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