lisa-price-kitchen-shotFor the woman who truly cares about the quality and care that goes into the products that she uses on her body everyday, meet Lisa Price, founder and CEO of Carol’s Daughter. Price has managed to bring her products to the forefront of the cosmetic industry using nature’s finest ingredients. Over the years Carol’s Daughter has grown into a multimillion dollar business while always putting quality over quantity, and it all began with $100 and a lot of ambition.

Clutch: What were you doing before you started Carol’s Daughter?
Lisa Price: Before I started Carol’s Daughter, I was working as a writer’s assistant on The Cosby Show. That’s where I met my husband, Gordon, who would also be my business partner. So by day I would be at the show and by night I would create my products in the kitchen.

Clutch: What is your favorite Carol’s Daughter product?
Lisa Price: Hair Milk. I love all of my products, but if I were trapped on a desert island, the one thing I could not do without is Hair Milk. It is the only product I have found that can make my hair shiny and manageable.

Clutch: How did you decide on a name for your business?
Lisa Price: I came up with the name at the very beginning. I made a list of things that I was and a list of things I wanted to become. There were other things on the list, like Robert’s daughter and Gordon’s girlfriend. But when I said Carol’s daughter, I got goosebumps. It sounded right.

Clutch: You have some really big name investors, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Jay-Z and Tommy Mottola to name a few. How did you manage to secure these investors?
Lisa Price: These wonderful relationships came about when celebrities started using my products and telling each other how much they loved them. I met Will and Jada through DJ Jazzy Jeff who was first a fan of my products.

Clutch: What is it about Carol’s Daughter that attracts people?
Lisa Price: Carol’s Daughter offers products made with love for your body, your hair and your spirit. We use the finest, natural ingredients available in rich formulas and I think people like that – natural ingredients combined with delicious fragrances are good for the body and soul.

Clutch: Would you consider your products to be appealing to all women, even women who are not of color?
Lisa Price: The Carol’s Daughter line includes over 100 unique products for face, hair, body and home – allowing for product combinations and possibilities for every man, woman and child regardless of skin type, tone or need. The healthy ingredients in all of my products mean that they naturally nourish and hydrate, inside and out.

Clutch: Do people recognize you on the street? If so, how does it make you feel to know people are pleased with your products?
Lisa Price: I love meeting fans of the products! Just this past 4th of July weekend I had the opportunity to meet and talk with so many customers in New Orleans where we set up a Pop Up Shop and it made me feel good knowing these men and women are using and loving the products that I created with love from my heart. It doesn’t get better than that!

Clutch: You have had such great success, do you feel that it came quickly or did it feel as though it would never come?
Lisa Price: I think once I started focusing entirely on Carol’s Daughter, the love I put behind it created the buzz which lead to the success we see now. I have never for one day regretted leaving television production to pursue Carol’s Daughter. But, in those early months after I left my job, I did feel the pressure of losing that steady income. I am very proud of Carol’s Daughter and how it has grown so quickly, but that it is still true to its roots, never sacrificing quality for quantity.

Clutch: Any advice for female entrepreneurs who need that extra boost?
Lisa Price: The most important thing to remember is to always stay balanced and transparent. If you remain authentic while adapting to the changing landscape around you, you can never fail.

Find ways in your community to test-drive your creation. I started with a local flea market run by our church. Use your family and friends for honest feedback. If they love the products they’ll tell their friends and so on. It’s that word of mouth promotion that is so priceless

carols2Clutch: What made you choose Mary J. Blige and Jada Pinkett Smith to be the face of Carol’s Daughter?
Lisa Price: These wonderful relationships came about when celebrities started using my products and telling each other how much they loved them. I met Will and Jada through DJ Jazzy Jeff who was first a fan of my products, and Mary is such a wonderful member of the family – she is everything Carol’s Daughter is about.

Clutch: Where did you grow up and did you always have a business-oriented mentality?
Lisa Price: I grew up in Brooklyn, NY. I don’t believe I have always had a business mentality – the business began when my mother, Carol, urged me to turn my hobby of making products in my kitchen into a business. So I took $100 and followed my heart and my nose. I made my fragranced oils and body butters, put them in baby food jars and took them down to the church flea market. By the end of that first day, I was pretty much sold out.

Clutch: What else interests you outside of making women look and feel beautiful?
Lisa Price: I love to spend time with my family and watch movies. I also still truly enjoy creating new recipes and playing around with new ideas in the kitchen.

Clutch: Have you ever had any serious obstacles?
Lisa Price: There are ups and downs with everything. It’s important to stay positive and focused and keep pushing forward toward your goals.

Clutch: Have/do you ever miss corporate America?
Lisa Price: No! I love the creativity of Carol’s Daughter, and the fact that I was able to turn my hobby into a successful career… it doesn’t get better than that!

Clutch: Can we have a homemade recipe from you?
Lisa Price: My Rose Milk Bath is excellent for skincare in that it nourishes dry skin and can easily be done with items around the house. It is also excellent to soothe the emotions, uplift the spirit and boost the user’s self-confidence.

Rose Milk Bath

Clutch: Are you the sole owner of Carol’s Daughter?
Lisa Price: I share responsibilities and ownership of Carol’s Daughter with my good friend and an incredibly intelligent businessman, Steve Stoute.

Clutch: Any future plans you can discuss?
Lisa Price: Since my collections are all about pampering mind, body and spirit, I’d love to expand into products for the home—helping create that luxurious “me time” that’s so important. Otherwise, I’d just like to continue to be blessed enough to bring more of my favorite products to my customers, sharing with them my love and passion for fragrance. Down the line, I have plans to launch a baby collection, add additional products to my skin care line, and lots more.

Clutch: Any hair or skin care tips you’d like to offer?
Lisa Price: A good skincare regimen consists of using a natural-based cleanser that is created for your specific skin type, like my Wash Away the Oil or Bring in the Moisture, followed by the complimentary toner and lastly a hydrating moisturizer.

Sunscreen is so very important – we all need it, despite the level of melanin in our skin. Our Gelee de Soliel is my essential for SPF!

Clutch: What type of research or studying have you done to educate yourself on health and beauty or even the ins and outs of owning a business?
Lisa Price: I learned most of my health and beauty tips and tricks from my mom Carol and my NaNa Marguerite (whose hair magic recipe is one of our best sellers!). I started creating my own scents and creams because I loved to experiment—it’s always been a hobby and passion of mine. When I realized that it could also be a business, I began working to make it a reality.

Clutch: How do you find balance within having a husband, children and a successful business?
Lisa Price: Family first. My supportive loving husband Gordon helps me to find balance and
continue to work hard while still being there for my family and myself too.

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