qui-headshot-w-name-1Life as an up and coming R&B starlet can be tough – the crazy hours spent in the studio working on an album can be brutal, but that’s only beginning, add the effort it takes to get the finished product out to the masses where it either sinks or swims and it’s no wonder a lot of artists never make it past the first single. Now add to that pressure cooker situation the time necessary to be a full-time student at a prestigious college and you’re living the life of Qui Rice.

You might recall hearing Rice’s first single “Rev It Up,” an upbeat dance track featuring southern wordsmith David Banner. When she’s not in the studio, making music, the aspiring chanteuse, is doubling majoring in Government and Spanish, with a concentration on international relations at Georgetown University and maintaining an impression 4.0 GPA. When asked how she juggles school and her budding music career she states matter-of-factly, “Honestly I have to take it day by day, and not even day by day more like minute by minute. If I think of everything I’m trying to do, it can be overwhelming sometimes, but I just know that I’m almost done now. I’m a senior at Georgetown and I only have a semester left. I’ve come this far and I know I just have to get this done and over with. It’s tough sometimes because Georgetown is in D.C. and most of my work is in L.A. so I’ll be on those red-eye flights studying all the way back down to D.C. When it comes down to it, I know that education is so important and I just have to finish that.”

“I’m trying to bring a different vibe of positivity – of women being fun and positive and getting their education. They’re still able to be fly in the club, but they’re smart too.”

Qui’s album “LUV N’ LIFE” is light, filled with mid-tempo beats that are sure to keep you moving, but don’t mistake light for not possessing substance. Using her entries from her diary, Rice writes music she feels women can relate to, especially young girls. “I’m trying to stay really positive for the girls. I really don’t want to do the whole “dropping it down to the floor, pole dancing thing.” Honestly, that’s not me. The people that do that sort of stuff, it’s great, but it’s not me. I’m trying to bring a different vibe of positivity – of women being fun and positive and getting their education. They’re still able to be fly in the club, but they’re smart too.”

So she’s driven, focused, and has some killer dance moves – just like her father, legendary football player Jerry Rice. And while some may speculate that Qui is using her father’s fame as a stepping stone to get into the spotlight, they couldn’t be any farther from the truth. While her father is definitely her number one fan, playing her music for all his friends, she wants to be seen as a credible artist. “I can’t deny who my dad is, I mean, he’s my father and that’s always going to be the case. Sometimes, I feel like people try to use that to their advantage and say, “Oh she’s doing music because her father’s so-and-so,” but honestly…It’s not a problem for me because I know I love music because I’m passionate about it. It’s a coincidence that my dad is who he is – that’s the way I see it. People will see me by what they can see and hear when I walk through the door.”

But if Jerry’s her biggest fan, mom Jackie Rice has to be the wind in Qui’s sails. Managing the daily operations of indie label JJRE (Jerry & Jackie Rice Entertainment), Jackie is very involved in her daughter’s career. A fact you’ll be ale to see in an upcoming reality show featuring the Rice family centering on Qui and Jackie’s business relationship and Qui’s journey to make it in the music industry.

With one semester left of her college career, Qui Rice is ready to jump head first into the music industry, pursuing her dream of achieving R&B stardom full time. While she has plenty to prove to the listening public, she has big dreams and the confidence and talent to make come true. “I see myself in movies as well and pursuing a lot of philanthropic work. I want to see myself on a worldwide tour that’s getting sold out. I want to definitely want to have a couple of awards under my belt and just living my dream and being a role model for girls. I would love to have my face on the covers of some magazines.” With her album slated to drop sometime in the fall, expect to be seeing and hear a lot of Qui in the future. She’s ready to make you a believer.

For more information on Qui Rice please visit www.myspace.com/jaquirice and www.quimusic.com.

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