Through her eyes…

Yes, I’m stuck up, but if you were anything like me, you would be too. I’m not going to ease into a lie, when I can keep it real and tell you the truth. I come by my nature honestly, and it’s unfortunate that most of the world hates to acknowledge a proven fact; I’m just that queen.

But listen, since we’re in the midst of sharing our stories, I’ll keep it real when exposing mine. When it comes to me, it’s simple. I’m like the center piece on a mantel, when I step into the room, all eyes are on me.

Since the day I was born, I knew I was different. I knew that I wasn’t a crowd figure, but rather the object in the middle of everything. Yeah, you might hear this remarkable tale from the likes of most narcissists, but I’m not arrogant in any way, I’m just sharing the obvious truth.

You see, unlike most women who fail to realize their responsibility to keeping it classy, I leave my mark in every arena I enter. I don’t stunt or front, I just come with the gloves on each time I step in the ring. Oh, and I’m not talking about throwing ‘bows. I wouldn’t compromise my French manicure for any of these chicken heads. I’m talking about swinging the gauntlet, which is metaphoric for getting the job done in life, for those of you who can’t keep up with my high-class lingo.

Anyhow, I can’t help who I am, and why should I try to? I go out with my girls, just like everyone else does, but I hold myself in high esteem, and that message gets across whenever we kick it together. Strangely enough, there’s them and then there’s me. It’s not like I do it on purpose, I’m just a magnet that attracts many.

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not dissing my homies, because we’re ride or die all day. I’m just saying that I believe in keeping a certain posture, so when I hit the beats, I keep my face, hair, nails, and outfit supreme. My mother always told me that you should dress the part, even if you’re not sure of the role you’re playing. So since I’m out here trying to keep it 100%, I’m always fitted down in the finest, because that’s my steez. Hate if you want, but I’m not here to win your approval, I have enough of my own and I think more women should try and follow my lead.

When it comes to going out, I don’t run up in the ghetto clubs, because I’m not trying to pull a broke Terrell Owens, or a fake Jay-Z. I’m not into rowdy parties either or anything too ‘hood. That mess is for high school, and even then, most of it was unacceptable to do.

For real though, I don’t have anything against anyone who likes to party in the hood, but I left the ‘hood long time ago, and don’t think I need to mix and mingle with people who aren’t on the same page, just to say I’m black or down for my people. I guess really when you look at it, I just like the finer things in life, so naturally I somehow tend to flock to where the Cristal is always flowing. I guess that goes to show you where my head is compared to others. I’m about the up and up, not the get down or the low blow.

Oh, and before you start, all my friends are black. It seems like just because a sister wants to tighten up her nature, people always want to label you stuck up or say you hang with or only date white people. Not the case here, I love my chocolate in all the flavors. I just hang with people who remind me of me. You know, executives, athletes, and politicians- people who are moving in the proper circles. I’ve long since been tired of the Mookies and Tyrone’s of the neighborhood. I’m thinking about Barack and Denzel for my appetizer.

But you know, people are gonna trip on you, just because you have certain beliefs, but who cares. They only wish they were as refined as me and if any of you had any sense, you’d get out a pen and paper and write down a few of the prior suggestions. Holla.


Through the looking glass…

Hi, I’m the stuck up friend. I’m the one in the group who mentally believes that I’m the life of the party as well as everyone in the world’s reason for breathing. But somehow I get the impression that a few of you want to choke me out or rip apart my feelings.

I guess I can identify the problem, and I’m not too petty to understand why people take issue with me every now and then, but if you only knew my real plain of thinking, you might be a little less eager to hate me by the afternoon.

You see, ever since the day I was born, I got caught up in imagery and the beauty beliefs of the media. My parents always told me I was an awkward looking teenager, and that over time I would grow into my looks as I entered into adulthood. Yeah, I had a big nose, glasses, and was a victim of the dreaded carefree curl, but as soon as I turned 16 and could get a job working at the mall, I knew I could purchase the image I wanted, and hide the self esteem issues I had under a little bit of M.A.C. cosmetics. At least you can look your best even if you don’t exactly feel the greatest.

You see, a lot of women that I come across don’t get caught up in caring about what other people think of them. Boy, I wish I could say the same, but maybe I’m just a bit too critical of myself. I work overtime to hold up this posture, so I don’t get looked past in the masses. I always bring it whenever I can, because sometimes I think if I didn’t come so hard, people would barely remember me. Does that make since, or am I confusing anyone?

It’s not like I’m the only person out here like this. There’s one in every group I hear. When I’m out with my girls though, I do tend to get more of the attention from the onlookers, and that’s partially because I am really pretty. But if I must be honest, well then I’ll tell you the truth, I may be a bit prettier than others, but they outshine me in personality any day. I could have a better attitude I guess, but it’s hard to be myself sometimes, because I’m always trying to be “this person.”

I’m not dissing my friends though, they’re all stunners in their own right. I’ve been hanging with my girls for what seems like a lifetime, and they are accustomed to my snotty attitude and seemingly love me just the same. I guess it’s mostly because they can see past the fake persona to the genuine truth that I try and hide from everyone.

I must admit one thing, it’s hard trying to keep my hair, nails and outfits on point 100% of the time. Sometimes I wish I could just run to the grocery store in old sweats and dirty sneakers, but my mother has me affixed on the idea, that my prince charming could be lurking anywhere- even at the end of the driveway by my trash bin. So at the end of the week when I’m dumping the garbage, if I should happen to be wearing a jumpsuit, its gotta be fresh and clean and from a place like Bebe Sport. Hey, you never know, so I do it just to be on the safe side.

When I go out, I drive me friend’s crazy because I like to hang out in dry or stuffy clubs. I wish I had the confidence to go to a Hip or Hot spot, but there are so many folks in there flocking their dance moves or their fun personality, that I don’t think I would be comfortable taking a backseat to a room full of interesting people. I find that if I go to places that are quiet and more reserved, I’ll draw in more attention just by standing there like a statue, because my looks will make them inquire about me. Now if only I had the personality to actually keep their attention past a “hello” or a first date. If only I was like Michelle Obama, she has the looks, brains and a wonderful personality. Maybe, then I could pull a man as great as Barack Obama too. But like a lot of you, I’m still waiting for a prospect.

Yes, I know what you’re all thinking, probably a mixture of emotions. People always trip on me, and by now I expect it to the point where I guess I don’t even care. There’s something more serious going on in my life. I have to worry about holding up this posture before I crumble, not what the next person thinks or says about me. So please, hold onto your suggestions. I’m sure I’ve heard them all already and just know that I’m always gonna be me.

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