nene_leakes240Atlanta Housewives’s NeNe Reveals: I Was a Stripper
No need for her castmates to do any digging! The outspoken Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes is coming right out with a revelation from her past: She was a stripper. And she’s not ashamed. In her new memoir, Never Make the Same Mistake Twice, in stores now, the reality star opens up about her struggles with abusive relationships and the trials she endured. At one point, Leakes writes in a chapter called “What You Won’t Do, You’ll Do For Love,” she took a job as a stripper at an Atlanta club. “Yes, I was a stripper, a woman who took her clothes off and danced for dollars,” she writes. “Let the judgment ensue. I mean, it’s easy enough to do, right?” (Continue Reading…)

Spike Lee Plans Brooklyn Block Party for Michael Jackson’s Birthday
Michael Jackson would have turned 51 on Aug. 29. To celebrate Jackson’s life, Spike Lee is throwing a Brooklyn block party on that day. “It’s going to just be how we do it, Brooklyn-style, I’ll leave it at that,” Lee said. “It’s going to be a joyous, festive, celebratory party.” And free. Lee said he’s been hit hard by Jackson’s death, so he decided to host the birthday party. “We’re of the same era,” said Lee, who grew up following Jackson’s career, including watching Saturday-morning Jackson 5 cartoons. “I wanted my Afro to be perfectly round like Michael’s, all that stuff.” (Continue Reading…)

U.S. to Send Military Experts to Congo
The United States military will be sending experts to war-torn eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo this week in a new test to break a cycle of violence that has been ongoing since the mid 1990s. America’s Africa Command, better known as AFRICOM, will be sending down a “small group” to examine the potential for a greater role for the superpower in one of Africa’s most devastated regions, according to a military spokesperson “There were discussions when Secretary of State Clinton was here,” says Ken Fidler, spokesperson for AFRICOM. “We’ve been asked to help with the government’s efforts in the region.” American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited eastern Congo earlier this month, where she met with rape victims, and Congolese President Joseph Kabila, and pledged to help. “We’re sending a team of specialists down to see what can be done,” said Mr Fidler. “This initial assessment is crucial to discuss further potential activities.” (Continue Reading…)

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