dailyphoto090827Rashad’s Dramatic Body Transformation
Phylicia Rashad, the actress best known as the loving mom and wife on “The Cosby Show,” is debuting a new leaner body. The Jenny Craig celebrity client and spokesperson has dropped 35 pounds in just eight months. The 61-year-old actress said walking up three flights of stairs and not being able to catch her breath was her moment of truth that made her decide to take action. With the help of her Jenny Craig consultant, Phylicia followed a personalized comprehensive nutrition and activity plan that worked with her busy life as an actress. Her program included a diet of 1,200 calories a day and 30-45 minutes of activity up to four times a week. (Continue Reading…)

Obama Girls Fly Under the Radar — But How Long Will It Last?
Could there be two luckier tweens in all of America than Malia and Sasha Obama? The Jonas Brothers and Beyonc√© sing for them. They get to meet the pope, the queen and Harry Potter. They get personal tours of the Eiffel Tower, the Kremlin, the Sistine Chapel, the Tower of London. They go to the best ice-cream parlor in Rome and make their own gelato. They have visited Yellowstone’s Old Faithful and the Grand Canyon, gone whitewater rafting and picked peaches in Colorado. This week, they’re relaxing at Martha’s Vineyard, where the rich and famous and presidential while away their summers. They’ve been having a grand time since arriving in the White House, mostly out of the public eye. So far. (Continue Reading…)

Do Black Men Prefer Their Women Larger?
I posed this question on a social networking site recently. The aftermath was like watching people running from a burning building as if their hair were on fire. Most of the responses were of the “good luck with that” variety, as if the next move was to wait for a last minute pardon from the governor before the firing squad commenced to carry out the sentence. The reason for some of my own hesitation in weighing in on a subject like this is obvious. Just as the black women come in a variety of hues and hair types, they also are a mix of skinny and voluptuous – the thin and the thick – not so easily or quickly defined. Nor can the dating or marrying preferences of African-American men be easily placed into a nice neat box. Poll a brother on the street and he might be just as likely to prefer a slim sister as one with, as they say, some junk in her trunk. (Continue Reading…)

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