200537866-001With every year that passes, one thing will remain the same. Someone will be faced with the question: Do I go or not? Yep, we’re talking about your high school reunion. That means it’s time to shop for that perfect ensemble or start that 3-month workout plan to “get fine” and strut your stuff in front of your old classmates. A poll conducted by Classmates.com reports that each year nearly 8 million people attend their high school reunions to reconnect and, in some cases—rekindle. Though its purpose is to see old friends (and foes) and reminisce about the good ole’ days, some might skip out on their reunion for various reasons, such as:

I hated high school.

I wasn’t very popular in high school.

Who cares what everyone is doing with their lives?

Reunions are overrated anyway.

My life is not what I planned it to be.

You get the idea.

For those reasons alone, it might seem logical to forego the event, but every Clutchette is fabulous in her own right, so why show everyone else? Here are some valid reasons why you should register for that reunion immediately.

* Network with classmates for employment and community service opportunities. You never know who can help you find employment or reach the next level in your career. According to Quintessential Careers (www.quintcareers.com), 48 percent of workers obtain their jobs through word of mouth. Reunions are definitely a reason to party, but don’t miss a bigger opportunity. Pack your clutch with lip gloss and a few business cards, too!

* Face to face interaction is so much better. Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and varioius IM sites, you can stay connected to everyone 24 hours a day. If you’re thinking attending your reunion is pointless because you’ve seen everyone on the Internet anyway, consider this: How many times have you seen someone on your “friends” list in public, but both of you still kept it moving? It’s possible that the Age of the Internet discourages verbal interaction. Master the art of small talk and some conversation going.

(Shallow point: Atleast in person, you can see if your ex-boyfriend really looks like his hot profile pic!)

* Show your high school sweetheart that he’s not irreplaceable. Being in love has proven to have positive effects on sweethearts—physically and emotionally. Show your love glow and significant other off to him and everyone else, for that matter. If you’re flying solo, no need to worry. Everyone won’t have a date, so embrace being single and start to mingle.

* Reconnect with old friends. In high school, you and your clique were inseparable. Somewhere between graduating and life happening, you all lost touch. Use this as an opportunity to reconnect, mend severed relationships and reminisce about the good times.

* Facebook and Twitter have peaked your interest in a classmate you overlooked in high school. Let’s face it, your class reunion may be the only time you will see some people who have been in hiding for years. If you only see your high school crush on your Facebook and Twitter pages, take advantage of this time. Approach your cutie and see if a new romance can blossom.

Jennifer Stachowski, owner of a class reunion planning company, J2 Class Reunions in Memphis, Tennessee has seen it all too many times.

“It happens more often than not,” she says. “When people go back to their reunions, they tend to remember things differently and actually make new friends with people they didn’t hang out with in high school.”

* Show how much you’ve changed (for the better) No, this doesn’t mean it’s time to show how you’ve stepped up your shoe game. Over ten years, you may have worked on other areas of your life that don’t cater to the physical appearance. Were you labeled as the ‘Girl with the Bad Attitude’ or ‘The Loner’? It’s time to put on a dazzling smile and give your old classmates a taste of the new you.

Don’t procrastinate, Clutchettes! If this is your year for a reunion, get on it. If you’ve missed your reunion, there’s always the 15 or 20-year event. Make it a fab decade and showcase yourself.

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