89405262I was recently introduced to “Becky” by a female acquaintance on Facebook.

Who is Becky, you ask?

“Becky” is the name and subject of an infectiously raunchy, testosterone-driven song by Florida-based rapper, Plies.

I had never heard it before, but judging by the title of the track and nature of the artist, I instantly knew it would be explicit to say the least. I later did a Google search so I could take a listen for myself. Unsurprisingly, I was right, and expected every single graphic detail. Here’s a snippet to *ahem* whet your senses.

“Can Miss Becky please raise her hand? I need some of that good head right now. I need that Becky. I’m on this liquor oh so heavy. Befo’ we (expletive), can you neck me? A lil’ head and I am ready. I want yo’ mouth, give me that Becky.”

In case you haven’t figured out from the words head and neck, it’s blatantly obvious he’s expressing his fixation for receiving oral sex. Not to put Plies on Front Street, nevertheless, he is the man behind the “radio-friendly” hit that’s become embedded in our heads due to constant rotation. Either way, this subject isn’t limited to only him, or one particular race, or class of men for that matter. All men have either fantasized about or experienced it hands on, concluding the same sentiments. As I’m writing this, I realize some females may view such a topic as vulgar and demeaning to women. In all actuality, there are many women who are just as obsessed with performing the sexual act. It isn’t strictly for male gratification. Men, as well as a number of women, believe this form of foreplay is absolutely necessary. With that said, this type of intimacy is best when carried out between two consenting adults involved in a healthy relationship. Everything isn’t meant to be explored with everybody.

On a different note, what is so fascinating about Becky? Inevitably, my mind went on a perverted ride into the world of Plies, or should I say, men. Although his version of “Becky” is pretty clear, upon my journey into a man’s domain, I discovered my own interpretation.

Becky is a Caucasian female, notorious for her oral abilities, which sets her apart from the rest. Uninhibited and has no reservations about exploring her sexuality. She is a free-spirit with a bubbly personality. Never defined or pigeonholed by society’s stereotype of her erotic nature as being a whore. She has no qualms about her risqué deeds. She has been dubbed the originator of “freaky,” has the qualities of a porn star, and isn’t ashamed to wear the crown. Wild is her middle name and confidence is her game. She’s no holds barred behind closed doors and will do whatever it takes to please her man. Absolutely nothing is off limits in the bedroom. From role playing to a stripper pole in the basement; nothing is too much. With Becky you never know what to expect. She thrives on spontaneity, often times living out her fantasies of sex in public places. She keeps her man on edge, never boring or becoming complacent with the same old dull routine. Spice is the key ingredient in her relationship. She will try anything once, including domination, as submission is her turn on. Her favorite things are far from Oprah’s list; she packs adult toys and body oils to give her man as a Christmas gift. Let’s just say, Becky is every man’s dream.

As I concluded this voyage, I reentered planet earth with a good understanding as to why “Becky” is so popular. It’s not that she’s better than Black women or any other race of women; she simply gets all the credit. Mind you, I don’t wish to emulate Becky, nor am I suggesting anyone else should. And, I’m not saying Plies was alluding to being with only White women, but it does explain why and where the name derived from. Whether you favor or oppose “Becky,” that is yours and your partner’s personal business. I’m aware not everyone enjoys or engages in such an act, but for the ones that do, we can appreciate “Becky” on another level and identify with these lyrics from a different viewpoint. If you are a freak in the sheets, always remember to be a lady in the streets, and let’s hope Becky does the same.

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