lisa-wu-hartwell“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Lisa Wu Hartwell recently opened up about her custody battle with ex-husband Keith Sweat.

In an interview with Star Magazine, Lisa said she really wants her two older boys (She appears on the show with husband, Ed Hartwell, and their 2-year-old E.J.) on the show.

“If Keith has a hang-up about our sons being on TV, I would be fine with that. But Real Housewives is supposed to be a reality series, and the reality is that all the fans watching believe I only have one child,” Lisa told Star.

Sweat, an R&B crooner known for ballads that are seemingly centered around begging, refuses to sign an agreement that would allow his sons – Justin and Jordan — to be on the reality show, now in its second season on Bravo.

Lisa said she could take care of that – by suing Sweat for full-time custody.

“I’ve already been seeing [the children] four or five times a week, but now the time has come when I want to have them with me full-time,” she told Star.

Sweat was awarded custody of the boys in 2003, with the judge, Cynthia D. Wright, saying that the children “lacked structure in their lives, due in substantial part to Mother’s numerous business ventures and frequent trips out of town… Mother has a history of spending money on herself excessively rather than providing for the children… There was some evidence at trial that Mother implicitly participated in robbing Father in the presence of the children.”

The judge said the issues raised questions about Mother’s “maturity.”

In other words, the judge said “Something, Something, just ain’t’ right.”

Wu said she filed an appeal after the verdict, but was intimidated about the process. “I’ve been afraid of the judicial system, but I’m finally taking the bull by the horns and trying to get my boys back again!” she said.

But is this just about the show? Lisa seems insistent that all her children (actually her whole clan was on a recent episode filmed in California) be on the show.

Is this the beginning of a spin-off? Does she envision “The Wu Hartwell Show”?

Lisa said it’s not like that, but she’s just so certain that her boys would make for good television. “Jordan and Justin understand what the show involves, and they’d love to do it,” Lisa said. “I adore all three of my sons — and I believe they all have a rightful place on the show.”

In October, Lisa will have the custody hearing in Atlanta.

You can bet Sweat will be there. Beggin’.

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  • mimi


  • Olivia

    Its unfortunate that the only real motivation for her trying to get her kids back is that they can be on the show. Is she really willing to disrupt their current lifestyle, school and have to have them re-adjust to a step-father and new surroundings all in the name of ratings. I used to think that Lisa was a great example of a woman with values and morals and now I truly believe what she says “If it doesn’t make me money, I don’t do it.” Translated, “No need to get my kids unless there is some financial reward in it for me.” Its no wonder at all that she lost those kids to begin with. Normally courts are biased towards the mother and for her to have lost those kids, tells a whole nutha story. I have lost any respect I had for this woman.

  • divat

    I totally agree with clmnmike. I also look at her as a different person. The kids r teenagers and it would be a disaster to change them to a different environment. If she does just want them for publicity what kind of MOTHER is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr Wright

    Her sons are old enough to decide if they want to stay with their father or come and live with their mother. She has visitation, so she should use this time to establish a relationship with her sons that is better than the one which caiused her to lose them in the first place. There are many mixed messages that society sends both men and women about parenting. Mature parents do not let these messages overule the common sense messages they should be recieving from their hearts and minds. The welfare of the children is the only issue here and the realization that some women, like many men, do not parent well.

  • vicky

    Wowwwww sad, she does seem a little overky interrsted in her body and im positive that all her kids are money motivated or she prolly wouldn’t have any! PATHETIC! and the women on that hollywood divas are just as sad they act like tge world owes them something. Im rooting for countess, seems like the more realustic one. And I loved elise cause she from Memphis, girl sit down u are not the ish lisa ray is a way bigger name than u. Tripping and golden with your ONE show stop. Your to articulate to be so ignorant. How come ALL your favorites on shows turn out to be money hungry eagltistical trash. I loved all of these women individually guess my judge of character is pretty much screwed.