picture-475Y’all know she don changed.

That is the word from reality TV star Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth.

The feisty former “Apprentice” contestant is entering the United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio, as soon as Monday, according to the Associated Press.

People don’t realize it, but Manigault-Stallworth used to be a rising political star, working as a political consultant to Vice President Al Gore in the 1990s in the Clinton Administration.

The Youngstown, Ohio, native has a degree in broadcast journalism from Central State University, with an M.A. from Howard University.

On “The Apprentice,” Manigault-Stallworth quickly became the villain of the show.

Even Donald Trump claimed an admiration for the take-no-prisoners coldness that Manigault-Stallworth displayed in her time on the show. But eventually, in the 10th episode, she was fired.

She immediately sought to use the show as a springboard to greater success, but her 15 minutes of fame quickly burned out.

In Hollywood, Manigault-Stallworth seems to have been typecast and unable to escape her image. She bounced around from talk show to talk show, appearing on everything from “Fear Factor,” to “The View.” But the big Hollywood film projects never came.

And neither apparently has true love.

So, what was it that made the Beverly Hills resident want to turn her life over to the Lord?

She has been divorced for an unspecified time now, publicizing the split from Aaron Stallworth in 2005 after a three-year marriage. At the time she told People Magazine:

“I wasn’t as supportive to him as I could have been. He’s home on the ranch [in Texas] and I’m in L.A. working on several projects.”

While it is not known if Manigault-Stallworth has gotten back with her husband, it seems she has not managed to get back into the limelight (There was buzz in 2008 of she and Donald Trump teaming up for a reality dating show centered on her, but it didn’t materialize).

So, now, she’s enrolled in a ministry school with hopes of becoming a pastor. The Dayton seminary she’ll attend was started in 1869 by the father of the Wright brothers, famous for historical aviation feats.

She’ll need all the help she can get if she wants to fly high again.

So is seminary school a good career choice and backed with sincere motivation on her behalf?

Well, time will tell, but if Omarosa can feel good about herself and attract a following for positive deeds as well as she can for negative, then her enrollment just may be heavensent.

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