picture-429Instead of trying to dead auto-tune, Jay-Z may want to look out for who wants to dead him.

A obviously crazed Stan in Detroit was charged Tuesday with “mailing threatening communications” to celebrities including Jay-Z, Beyonce and former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Jerome Bettis.

According to media reports, Leon Desmond Barrett, 37, wrote one letter that said: “I’m getting ready to start killing some more people. Beyonce, Jay-Z, Jerome Bettis and Tune-up Man are the first 4 people I’m getting ready to kill.” The Tune-Up Man is a DJ at Detroit’s 105.9 KISS FM.

The suspect especially singled out the professional football star, sending more than 14 letters to the NFL Hall of Fame and Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Of a supposed beef with Bettis and his family, one particular letter said:

“We do not want to have a gunfight with them but if we have to, we will.” “I guess it (sic) going to be another Virginia Tech massacre all over again in Detroit,” Barrett allegedly wrote.

Law authorities did not disclose why they chose to arrest Barrett when they did. Beyonce was just in Detroit (at the Palace at Auburn Hills) on July 18 as part of her tour.

Death threats are nothing new to A-list – or even D-list – celebrities.

Earlier this year, T-Pain even got death threats before canceling a concert in Guyana. Authorities said the sanga-turnt-rapper received “credible death and kidnapping threats” from undisclosed parties.

Chris Brown received death threats after pictures of a badly bruised Rihanna surfaced on the Internet following an altercation between the two singers.

Truth be told, this would probably shake up a lot of cities, but not necessarily Detroit. It’s the home of Motown and the former champions, Detroit Pistons, but lest we forget, “it’s cold in the D.”

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