Tyra Banks is unbeweaveable.

The talk show host has declared Sept. 8, the date of the season premiere of “The Tyra Show” as “National Real Hair Day.”

Comb again?

I mean, what you trying to say, Tyra?

We all understand and appreciate the au naturale movement and all, but isn’t it kind of easy for a prototypical supermodel to strip off the amenities, but what about the rest of the world?

The diva, who has not said if she will lose the weave for just the first episode or forever, had this to say about her new attitude:

“This season on The Tyra Show we’re taking it to the next level and getting more real than ever before by encouraging women everywhere to own and rock what they’ve got and be proud!” — she says in a press release obtained by US Magazine. “For the season 5 premiere, I will be doing just that – no fake hair, I’m rocking my REAL hair.”

Rock on, sister.

But just know that thousands of your sisters will be shaking their heads in disgust and rolling their eyes as you ask them, in a lot of cases, to do away with their do.

I mean, is Tyra saying that just because you rock weave, you ain’t real? (Wooooo, the crowd says). That’s kind of a culturally and ethnically charged issue, isn’t it, Tyra? Shouldn’t you stick to making bean-pole skinny girls take pictures with squids on their heads in sub-zero temperatures or something? (I say that with love.)

But seriously, we applaud Tyra for trying to bring earthiness and naturalness back to beauty, but we don’t know about all that realness stuff.

Why? Because realness is supposed to be inside a person, right? Not outside.

And you can be as natural as the dirt on the ground and still not be real. Inside. And that’s real talk.

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