72472680India Arie said it best, “Brown Skin, I love to see your brown skin, I can’t tell where yours begins, I can’t tell where mine ends.”

Even in a quiet storm… There’s nothing else in the world quite like a black man. Each time he walks by a puddle amidst the falling drops of rain that graze the kissable pavement, you can still admire the beauty of that brown reflection as he dances amongst the varied ripples. That’s what I love about the black man. Even in an hour of discontent a brother’s resilience takes precedence over obstacles or circumstances.

The black man is a strong man, and one can never get enough of a steel plate breaking the current of a massive riverbed. He is certain of his position, and fully vested in the coils of his existence. He may bathe in the occasional murky waters, but he’s rooted enough in his standard to not be washed away by life’s gravitational flow.

The world tends to give brothers a bad rap. But no one lyric should ever denote a specific idea or doctrine on the entire face of the brotherhood. We still have major love for the brothers, even when society paints a continual picture of a turbulent break in tide. So no matter what you heard through the grapevine, a lot of sisters are still in celebration of their first true love; the brother.

I sat back with a few good sisters and got the word on what makes them go stir crazy for the man within that silky brown skin. Sit back fellas and take in the glory. This is why we love black men.

What do you love the most about a black man?

You know, I have no idea. I read in this book long time ago, that if can list every reason why someone makes you smile, then you’re focusing too much on ideas rather than enjoying the beauty of each feeling. Black men just make my soul scream ‘Hallelujah’. It’s a feeling that I can’t describe in words, but the look on my face when I’m around them can paint a better picture.Carmen G. 27 years old

I love chocolate. Doesn’t everyone? I also cherish the way they relate to both my struggles and triumphs in society. It’s something you can only get when you’re with someone who can truly identify with the problem.Angelique K. 29 years old

The same thing the rest of us do, that brown skin. [Laughs]. Who can get enough of it? The rest of the world is running off and getting tans, yet some secretly profess to dislike the brothers for whatever reason. I like the fact that a black man is comfortable in the skin he’s in no matter his circumstance or situation. Who wouldn’t want to be around strength like that.Sandra L. 22 Years old

I love the strength black men portray. There’s something about their smell, their skin color, their hair… Now I do like the look of a hunky white/latino man too, but the brother has my heart.Sommer J. 40 years old

They have an unmatchable understanding about black women; what I like to think about, what might appeal to me. I love their ability to be strong and resilient. There are so many obstacles facing the black man in life and they just have a certain tenacity about them. I love that. Angel A. 49 years old

A Black man is apart of me. Maybe from different walks of life, but we will always have something deeper in common than just an interest. — Cicely C. 24 Years old

What attracts you the most when you stumble upon a brother you’re interested in?

There’s many reasons, one of which is that I love the smooth, cool, dark and velvety feeling when I touch their skin. There’s just something about the darkness of the skin that’s cool when I touch it that I could never explain. I love the fact that their masculinity has an essence all it’s own. I love the inner knowing they seem to have about me as a black woman. Angel A. 49 years old

I like the swagger; theirs speaks confidence. There’s a mystery about a black man. A mysteriousness about him that makes you want to fight to unlock the secret. They’re just so captivating to the core.Le’Ronda 31 Years old

Their thighs. [Laughs] Can I say that even? I mean seriously, I love a brother who has thighs that are thick, muscular and defined even through his pants. Coconut crushing thighs, and not because I’m being sexual, it’s because of the strength it represents. That gets me every time. When I see that, I know the brother is in no way weak at the edges.Sandra L. 22 Years old

One with a presence that exudes beauty inside. Cicely C. 24 Years old

What sets the brother apart from other races?

They’re charismatic, determined and passionate and no matter what they are doing, they are truly ambitious. Whether it’s ballin’ or slangin’ brothers always put 100% into their decisions. No other man is like that.S.L.N. 28 Years old

I like the way they like “body”. Yes, some still have a size preference, but I like the way they don’t scare easily from hips, thighs and bust. For a thick, curvy woman, that matters a lot.Sommer J. 40 Years old

I like the way they speak to me. I can’t say whether or not much of it is true, but when a brother steps to me, I just hear the beauty in his words more than I do any other race. A word, or a compliment is always nice to hear and can be soothing to the soul. Crystal T. 32 Years old

Oppression. They understand my struggle because it has also been theirs. Together we can overcome a lot of this nonsense.Tammy C. 34 Years old

My daddy is a black man and he’s all I know. When I get older and find a husband, I want him to be everything my dad is, strong, loving, kind, and there for me whenever I need him. Since he got it from my grandfather, I know my future starts and ends with a black man too.Makala K. 14 Years old

So Clutchettes… What do you Love about the Black Man?

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