picture-471I remember growing up thinking putting blush on meant taking a red stick of lipstick and drawing a line across your cheek. What!? I grew up in the 80’s. The era of big hair, huge shoulder pads, blue eye shadow and red lipstick blush. I have learned a lot about makeup since then and I have realized that blush is a beautiful way to complete a face. Depending on the shade it can highlight cheekbones, make you look healthier and adds definition to your face. Blush is one of my must have beauty products and I am super picky about my blush.

By far my favorite blush on the planet right now is Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Blush ($22, bobbibrown.com). This shimmer blush glides on smoothly and evenly across your skin. It gives cheeks a soft, shimmering glow that never looks overdone. The first time I flipped open the little compact I feel in love with the brilliant shimmery color that lay before me. I wondered if the color would look as good on me as it did in the compact. And my answer was a resounding yes. The color stays true and the glow is beautiful. With some blushes you find the color to be very unnatural and heavy. With Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush the color is natural and soft. With six shades including Pink Sugar, Plum Wine and Bahama Brown there is a shade for everyone’s skin tone.

Now I know the 80’s are back in full effect as far as fashion right now but I am hoping the red lipstick blush won’t make a comeback. Because after finding blush this beautiful I could never go back. And I am not going to wear spandex and a fanny pack either.

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