dailyphoto090909-1White: ‘T.O. Show’ Jeopardized My Brand
Supermodel Jessica White wants you to know she’s more than just a beautiful face and far from the desperate woman that “The T.O. Show” portrayed. Besides serving as a Maybelline spokesmodel, the Buffalo, New York, native has catwalked national and international runways for some of the most elite designers including Victoria’s Secret. ESSENCE.com caught up with the jet-setting beauty in Europe to get the nitty gritty on her future with T.O., surviving sexual abuse, and how she’s putting her angel wings to good use. (Continue Reading…)

Analysis: Obama Foes Contrived Back-To-School Fuss
There may be a lesson plan for grown-ups in the contrived controversy about Barack Obama’s back-to-school pep talk to students. It would be to do your homework, just as the president told the pupils. That way, the people who protested the Obama speech before they knew what was in it would have realized there is nothing unusual about a president appearing at a public school as the classroom year begins. The previous three Republicans have and there wasn’t any stir, aside from some Democratic nitpicking about White House expenses, proving that neither party has a monopoly on pettiness. It was routine. As, in the end, Obama’s Tuesday talk was. (Continue Reading…)

Granddaughter Seeks to Save Old Georgia Black Cemetery
A historic cemetery that is the last trace of an African-American community founded by former slaves is at the center of a legal battle between a developer and a woman whose grandparents and uncle are buried there. A lawsuit has been filed in Fulton County Superior Court on behalf of Elon Butts Osby seeking to stop Brandon Marshall from removing Mt. Olive Cemetery, which was once part of Macedonia Park. The area was a black community first settled by former slaves before becoming a formal subdivision in the 1920s. (Continue Reading…)

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