dailyphoto09090210 Most Significant Blacks in U.S. Fashion
“Project Runway” Season Five fan favorite Korto Momolu may not have won the big prize, but the designer definitely has a bright future in front of her. Her vibrant designs have already gotten her a wave of positive press and celebrity endorsements, and this weekend, she’s producing the fashion show at the “Tom Joyner Family Reunion” in Orlando, Florida. But as a black designer, Momolu — like her Seasons One and Three counterparts, Kara Saun and Mychael Knight — is still a rarity in fashion. In fact, despite the exposure they’ve gained from “Project Runway,” blacks in fashion remain largely on the sidelines in an industry that is still segregated. But due to pioneering individuals who have managed to break through, openings have been created for Momolu, Saun, Knight and others who want to pursue their dreams in fashion. (Continue Reading…)

Blueprint 3 Leak Reveals New Jay-Z Album
The Blueprint 3 has been partially leaked to the internet. The “Blueprint 3 leak” as it is being called, is in regards to the latest album from rapper Jay-Z. There are a number of rumors being spread about why the Blueprint 3 leak has taken place, but regardless of why it has been done, Blueprint 3 Leak Reveals New Jay-Z Album tracks off of this latest Jay-Z album are already making their way around the internet. The frenzy has caused many fans to seek out ways to download the new songs, and while you won’t find any tips on how to find these leaked Blueprint 3 tracks here, it’s a good bet that any internet savvy user is going to find them quite easily. (Continue Reading…)

Tameka Foster-Raymond, Breaks Silence about Divorce
It’s been almost three months since Usher filed for divorce from Tameka Foster-Raymond, but both have been pretty quiet about the whole ordeal, with nothing but speculation and hearsay circulating among gossip circles. Usher’s ex has finally broken her silence, recently sitting down with Upscale Magazine for an exclusive interview, where she talks about the marriage falling apart among other things. Below are a few of the excerpts from the interview: “This Oakland Native is a walking contradiction. She’s sophisticated yet around-the-way; Tough but vulnerable. She’s serious minded but always joking and laughing. On blogs she’s ripped apart for unflattering pictures; in person she’s attractive and chic.” (Continue Reading…)

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