Fashion in Black Face?


Last week during Cibeles Fashion Week, Designer Carlos Diez presented his Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. As fashion fanatics we were happy to see the designer showcase his collection, but we couldn’t help but notice that the models in his show appeared to have brown makeup on to help them appear darker.

We are still puzzled why he chose to make his models strut his collection in tan makeup. Maybe it was to match his collection? We honestly don’t know, but people everywhere, even fashion designers need to think about how things can be viewed to others before they do them. This could have completely offended someone and he could have potentially lost supporters (if he hasn’t already).

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  • Bella

    I don’t like this at all. The brown/orangey faces with emphasized pink lips could easily be construed as blackface. I do agree with lee that if it was just the faces it may be seen as artistic, but the emphasized lips shows similarity to the clownish look of the blackface of old. If I was a model, there is no way in h e l l that I would allow someone to do that to me. Lose the job – who gives a rats a s s – no one needs to put themselves out there as supporting anything that is similar to blackface. Haven’t we moved past that? It is not the time to reincarnate the horrible things that were once done and approved of – it is time to continue moving past that and accept all people of all colors as equals because we are all human beings and should be treated as such.

    I am not usually so nitpicky or ‘politically correct’ but this one bothers me – mostly because of the lips. Maybe the designer is just a stupid idiot who didn’t think about it first – but he should have.

    My 2 cents.

  • Hope

    I don’t see this as insulting a specific race, I see this as utter uglyness. They look like surfer style vomitted twice over on their faces. It’s not pleasing, it’s not hot, it’s f***ing ugly beyond belief! How they hell did hje think this would look good?? Is he half blind, slightly mental and wishing to lose his career?

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