is098q2t4In honor of the Labor Day holiday I have decided to dedicate a feature to beauty that requires very little effort on your end. Products that will have you looking and feeling your best without you barely having to lift a finger. I am sure most of us have a beauty routine or product that takes a long time or a lot of effort to do. For me to blow dry my hair it takes an entire hour. Some days I just want something effective and simple something I can do without breaking a sweat and I can think of no better way to celebrate Labor Day then to devote it to products that require very little labor.

Picture 6371. L’Oreal Clean Artiste Waterproof and Long Wearing Eye Makeup Remover ($6.49, drugstores nationwide and at drugstore.com) When you get home after a late night the last thing you want to do is scrub off your makeup before you hit the sheets. But sleeping with your makeup is a sure fire way to wake up with clogged pores and a possibly break out. L’Oreal Clean Ariste is gentle yet effective way to quickly remove eye makeup. The double-action formula gently and easily removes waterproof and long wearing makeup without much effort. The concentrated makeup removing ingredients effectively eliminate all signs of makeup. All you are left with is luxuriously soft and clean skin with no greasy residue. And the ability to go to sleep sooner.

Picture 6392. Assets by Sara Blakely Fantastic Firmers Girl Shorts ($23, loveassets.com) Want to look thinner with hardly any effort? Check out this super easy way to look thinner — Assets Fantastic Firmers Girl Shorts. Assets Fantastic Firmers Girl Shorts targets the tummy, hips, thighs and rear. They work by using inner power mesh lining and invisibly smooth outer fabric to create a smooth, invisible look. All of this and you don’t have to do even one sit up.

Picture 6383. Dior Pro Cheeks Backstage Makeup ($31, nordstrom.com) This blush should be called the Lazy Persons Blush because it is so easy to use this product and get flawless look. You can literally apply this whipped-gel blush with your fingertips. . With its revolutionary silicon resin system, it offers such an incredibly smooth application that it won’t upset previously applied foundation or face powder. Pro Cheeks blends so perfectly with the texture of skin that it embellishes and illuminates the complexion while giving the illusion that you’re wearing nothing at all—for hours on end. And you won’t have to apply it again. Which will leave you plenty of time to take another quick nap.

Picture 6404. Sally Hansen Spray-On Shower-Off Hair Remover($8.49, drug and mass market stores nationwide) Shaving is a tedious task that I find no pleasure in. But I like being shaved just not the time it takes. Well Sally Hanson brings you Spray-On Shower-Off to help give you a hairless look without the hard work it normally would take you to achieve it. This is the easiest, fastest, most effective way to remove unwanted hair. It comes as a drip-free spray and is perfect for your legs, body, arms and more, And in 3 minutes with no touching, no spreading, no mess you can be hair free.

P244511_hero5. Living Proof No Frizz Leave In Conditioner ($24, sephora.com) Putting something in my hair is not the problem; the getting it out is where the problem lays. Not an issue with this product. The Leave In Conditioner is a revolutionary hydrating treatment featuring the first new anti-frizz technology in over 30 years. This intensively moisturizing formula restores dry, damaged, and chemically treated hair while effectively blocking humidity for truly frizz-free locks. Its key ingredient, PolyfluoroEster, helps to repel oil and dirt, which means you, can longer between washes. Saving time, money and energy.

Picture 6416. Carol’s Daughter Ocean Eau de Toilette ($20, carolsdaughter.com) Nothing makes me feel more relaxed and lazy then the ocean. And I figured if I couldn’t get there in real life I can get there in my mind while wearing this lovely fragrance. Ocean combines Rosemary, Cyclamen and Rose. It will instantly transport you to a beach somewhere with the ocean lapping at your feet. I love that its not overpowering but instead gently delivers a fresh ocean scent. Easy and fresh.

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