wbs10565-03In light of the misconception of a few who felt that the piece entitled, “Are White Men More Appreciative of Natural Hair?” alluded that all black men did not appreciate natural hair, this is a spotlight of various thoughts and views from black men on the subject. Check out their videos for more of their perspectives.

Our first perspective is from Ron Williams, a Filmmaker – R.A.W. Cinema Productions – from Maryland.

His thoughts on natural hair… I love it. I truly believe it takes confidence for someone to be their true self in this world; to be what we were created to be, flaws and all. It shows that you love yourself in a very pure way, and that you appreciate what God has given you. That kind of love produces confidence, and alleviates fear; something we can all agree is beneficial.

My wife and I continue to emphasize the point to our son and daughter that no matter what, your beauty will always be from within, and that to rely on what is on the outside is a setup for failure. I respect the woman who can say, “This is me. Forget the process, the relaxers, here I am.” It is very attractive, to be honest. I am never more into my wife than when she pulls her hair back, throws on some jeans and a tee, and with no makeup goes boldly out the front door! I know this is challenging for women to do because women are continuously being told what is acceptable by society.

There is a ton of pressure to decide each day if they measure up to the ever-changing standard. I appreciate natural hair all the more because of it. It’s a powerful statement that says I am smart enough to realize that I cannot win against a standard that does not consider me, so there is no use playing. The freedom from this decision is immeasurable.

Be sure to visit R.A.W. Cinema Productions @ www.rawcinemaproductions.com.

The next perspective comes from Carmen a.k.a. SheaCocoaLuv of Houston, TX. She interviewed two men, Truth and Greatness – members of the Poetry and Politics TSU slam team and put it on her YouTube channel. Video –

Summarizing; When Truth is asked how he feels about black women with natural hair he states that he thinks, “It’s one of the sexiest things ever…it’s beautiful”. To wear natural hair takes a whole different mindset due to the criticism many get for doing so. When asked the same question, Greatness states that women with natural hair is revolutionary. “It gives me a sense of a women who is committed to getting back to her roots…and that’s really something that I like to see.”

When asked what he thinks about women who are not yet confident enough to go for the Big Chop, Truth quotes from a poem the he and Greatness wrote called “Men of Passion”. “Queens should never walk with their heads down because beauty never hides it’s face – ever.” He advises those rocking TWAs to never walk with your head down, because you’re beautiful not just on the outside, but on the inside as well, so hold your head up high and proud.

To the same question Greatness responds by giving an example of a 17-year-old young lady who cut her hair off with the intention of going natural. He commends her for taking that step at her age. He acknowledged that doing the Big Chop is a hard step to take, and stated that personally he thinks it’s more than well worth it. He added that if it’s something you want to do, “Do it with conviction, be absolute in everything that you do, especially if it has a good meaning to it.”

Inspired by SheaCocoaLuv, Chevy Jones of Long Beach, CA – YouTube channel CHEVerlyhills – interviewed her barber Zion and best friend Willie Be in the first part of her planned series of videos on the male perspective of natural hair.

To summarize, her Barber, Zion says natural hair represents confidence, and that most men are afraid of confident women because it’s too much of a challenge. When asked how he feels about women with natural hair, Willie Be says he likes when women wear their hair natural and take care of their hair. He states that he even prefers braids/individuals or cornrows versus weaves.

Check out the live interview, but note the interview takes place in a barbershop and ‘colorful’ language is used throughout.

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