Q: I am in the process of changing all my makeup products to natural products. Do you have a must have natural product for my new collection?  

I highly recommend getting the Vapour Trick Stick ($18, vapourbeauty.com) This magic stick is an exciting new concept in skin highlighting and illumination. You can use the stick to highlight the cheekbones, eyes and lips with a hint of luminous radiant color. Use on bare skin or with other makeup. All it takes is a few quick strokes for a lustrous, youthful glow that appears to emanate from within. And this product will fit right in with the rest of your new natural beauty collection. Trick Stick is 100% natural and chemical free with 70 percent certified organic ingredients. From the raw materials to the final packaging they always consider the environment using everything from wind power to renewable packaging materials. This is a top-notch product that creates beautiful results and is environmentally responsible. You can’t go wrong with this amazing stick.

Q: I’m finally done growing out any chemicals in my hair and need an effective product to use on my natural curls?  

Congratulations on finally growing it out. But as I am sure you realize the work is not over yet. Keeping natural hair moisturized and curls defined can be a full time job. I suggest trying Curls Soufflé ($16, curls.biz). This soufflé-textured cream defrizzes, defines and holds curls while locking in moisture. The cream does a good job of defining curls without making them hard and crunchy. Because it’s a soft natural hold it also works great as a gel substitute for styles. Plus it smells like a sweet desert and a little goes a long way. Ingredients include certified organic sunflower oil, shea butter and organic aloe vera leaf juice.

Q: With H1N1 going around I have been washing my hands like crazy and now they are super dry. Any suggestions on how to keep my hands clean but not dry them out?  

Washing your hands is the most effective way to keep from getting sick. So we all should be scrubbing up at the sink, especially this year. But your right all that washing can turn your skin into something that looks like it belongs on a reptile. I discovered a natural but really effective hand soap that keeps hands soft. Depth Hand Soaps are enriched with marine botanicals and organic aloe vera to naturally soothe your hands no mater how often you wash them ($7.99, depthbody.com) The hand soaps are 70% Organic, Artificial Color Free and have 100% Natural Aroma Blends. Flavors include Mangrove Citrus, Ocean Blossom, Sea Berry and my favorite Bay Coconut.

Q: My skin is so sensitive I can only use natural mineral products. What’s your favorite mineral bronzer?  

Don’t pack up your bronzer as we move into the fall and winter. Bronzer is an easy way to give skin a warm glow and transform your look. Mineral Fusion Bronzer is a beautiful bronzer is an easy way to add color and contour to your face and body ($39, mineralfusioncosmetics.com and Whole Foods Markets nationwide). It comes in two shades Sparkle and Luster. Sparkle is a traditional single shade that is used to achieve an all over warm glow. While Luster is a duo bronzer with a sheen glow as well as a matte finish. This bronzer is packed with good stuff like White Tea, Red Tea, and Pomegranate. Your skin will never look better.

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