Reporter: So what did you come out here mainly to oppose, or what is your purpose here today?
Tea Bagger: Well mainly it’s the health care bill
Reporter: Can you tell me about the bills that are being proposed right now?
Tea Bagger: Not really.
Reporter to Tea Bagger with “Joe Wilson for President” sign: Joe Wilson had yelled “You Lie” out in the President’s speech.
Tea Bagger: I had yelled it before he did a number of times, and so when he finally said it, I thought, somebody finally said it.
Reporter: He did vote in the past to provide some level of health care for illegal immigrants, which makes what he yelled ironic.
Tea Bagger: Joe Wilson supported that?
Reporter: Yeah.
Tea Bagger: Yeah, I am not supporting Joe Wilson for President.
Tea Bagger: I’d like to see a Christian in the White House, that’s what I’d like to see.
Reporter: You don’t think Obama’s a Christian?
Tea Bagger: No I don’t! He’s a Muslim.
Junior Tea Bagger: He’s already destroyed, like, most of the country. I mean come on, that’s crazy.
Tea Bagger: The Nazis had the brown shirts. Okay, Obama has proposed, and I keep hearing him talk about it, he wants to have a nation of 2 million citizen army, armed as well as the Army.
Reporter: Well he’s talking about an army of volunteers, to do volunteer work.
Tea Bagger: They’re going to be armed.
Reporter: I don’t think they’re going to be armed with weapons.
Tea Bagger: They’re going to be armed as well as the Army is.
Reporter: “Fire those wacky czars.” Now tell me about this concern over czars.
Tea Bagger: What is a czar? They’re a Russian king. Here, Jesus is our king.
Tea Bagger: We don’t know who they answer to. Are they going to be given land, and power over the government?
Reporter: No actually all the czars that have been appointed, under Ronald Reagan, under George W. Bush, even under Obama, they have no executive powers, they only act as advisory committees.
Tea Bagger: You know this how?

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  • Brandi

    The sad thing about it is they now have kids involved. How has Obama destroyed half the country in 9 months?!

  • Brandi

    You don’t think its racist when they keep insisting that he’s a Muslim and has terrorist ties, as if all Muslims are terrorists? I also recall supporters at McCain rallies with signs saying “Kill Him.” Don’t act as if just because we have black president that things have changed that much. It’s still America. People got on the man for telling children to work hard in school, just to be against him.

  • rebekka

    Why is it that a nation, apparently founded on Judeo-Christian values, cares so little about their fellow man having access to health care but sees no wrong or harm in their tax dollars being used to support an unjust war in Iraq? Christians, they are not! Oh, and by the way, most of our founding fathers were deist. But religion aside, where were these teabaggers 8 years ago? Hope and change is not to be feared but ignorance sure is.

  • bronzebeauty

    WOW. The level of ignorance is beyond sad and pathetic. This fool is protesting something he knows nothing about and can’t even explain why he’s against it! Support or passion for a cause, any cause, should at the minimum be based on some knowledge.

    @ Jenny: do you think your taxes currently don’t support people who could work, but do not? Did you feel any different w/your taxes being used to support the war? Do you realize that you will receive better healthcare for yourself and your kids and pay LESS w/Obama’s plan than you do now paying a large corporate insurance whose bottom line is for you to pay the MOST and get the LEAST?

  • bronzebeauty

    Something is seriously wrong with our healthcare system, when say for example, in a matter of weeks 2 babies – yes BABIES – are DENIED coverage because 1 is too fat and the other is too skinny according to these insurances’ standards. Sad state of affairs people.