van-jones-washingtonWhite House advisor Van Jones has left the building folks.

He was forced out of his job as the Obama administration’s Special Advisor for Green Jobs, many say, by his own “extremist” views, which over the past six months have been enthusiastically pointed out by conservative web sites and listservs.

Jones released a statement Saturday that explained his decision to resign.

“On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me,” Jones’ statement said. “They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide.”

And they’ve been successful.

Right wing web sites have trumpeted the fact that Jones signed a “9/11 Truth Statement” asking for an investigation on whether the government was behind the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

One Fox News-aligned web site ran seemingly a story everyday on why a “radicalized” Jones should be fired or resign. On many a forum, he was a racist, a communist. To be forthright, Van Jones was simply an activist.

His resignation was the culmination of a well-orchestrated conservative movement. Sure the brother went to college (conservative sites are spreading around a picture of Jones with dread locks, as if that proves anything) and spoke out against the ills of society: That’s what activists’ do, right?

If learning and expressing an opinion about our history — the systematic racism in place, the racially motivated verdicts that still stand, the rampant discrimination -– is what being “radicalized” means then we’re all radicalized.

Jones graduated from University of Tennessee-Martin and Yale Law School in the early 1990s with a determination to make a difference.

What did he do? He simply got involved.

Critics have dug up some of Jones’s college and post-school activities – including founding the Bay Area PoliceWatch, protesting against the Rodney King verdict and getting involved in STORM (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement) — to use against him.

In fact, the most quoted phrase on Google when searching for Van Jones is “rowdy nationalist” which he said at one time; interestingly on many conservative sites, that phrase has been morphed into “rowdy black nationalist,” a phrase Jones never said.

So now he’s out, banished after having a picture painted of him as a radicalized black man.

Of course, as always you have to take into consideration who’s holding the brush.

To show your support for Van Jones, some humble but bold expressions have surfaced.

If you’re on Twitter, tweet #supportvan. Also visit http://standwithvan.com/

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  • Rhue b

    Why should we support him? He resigned, that means he doesn’t want the job. lol

  • I have mix feeling abut his resigning, on the one hand I applaud him for seeing the big picture that his staying at his post would only serve as a distraction for the press and the administration and by resigning he takes away a weapon that can be used by the wing nuts.

    On the other hand by leaving his postion he only really validates the army of wing nuts who claim Obama has hidden a hidden agenda of destroying Democracy and now believe they can challenge any appointment the President makes which they are already doing.

    Add to the fact that he did NOTHING WRONG and it’s annoying to think he gave in.

    I only hope that he takes this opportunity to fight the opposition head on behind the scenes were he can do more damage.

    Or else it was a waste of time.

  • Nyota

    I can see why he resigned…when you are in politics your rivals will basically dissect you current life and previous life in hopes of finding dirt just to run a smear campaign.

  • I think the sad part about this goes beyond Van’s tenacity being lost in this capacity, his ability to inject energy directly will be a loss, but I doubt he won’t play a role in the overall alignment of things.

    What’s worse is the democrats and Obama administration specifically bending over backwards in the spirit of bipartisanship, just allowed Glenn Beck to singlehandedly hi-jack progressive politics and re-engineering America towards sustainability as “extremists”. They should have let Van Jones resign *on his own terms* well after this nonsense blew over. Where would we be now if anti-child labor and 40 hour work weeks were labeled extremist in the post-industrial area.

    Instead, now you’ve bolstered and reaffirmed what little Cartman level authority Glenn Beck and his ilk perceive they have. I mean we had people OUTWARDLY LYING to the American public. Rove. Rumsfeld. Tenet. Cheney. Powell. Bush. Are people’s memories really that short term? The VP of past was collecting severance from a company awarded multi-billion dollar government contracts. Van Jones looses his gig, cause he pissed off a delusional xenophobe demagogue like Glenn Beck? Is this just a bad dream? I’m starting to wonder who actually won this last election…