ith97303Actress and former child star Maia Campbell is back in the headlines.

Strange behavior, culminating in lewd pictures of her posted on the Internet a few years ago and photos of Maia reportedly after a meth binge, has been the only reason she’s been in headlines these days.

But the latest – a video of a preoccupied Maia in a car, spouting an incoherent profanity-laced tirade — raises serious questions about her state of mind, and also her safety.

The 6-minute video, which shows Maia being jokingly propositioned for oral sex by the man who is filming her, has been spreading on the web ferociously.

While it’s impossible for the casual Internet user to know what Maia is going through, this much is known: She is not well.

Also, what was suspected or dismissed as rumor is now pretty much confirmed via video: Maia Campbell is being exploited.

Her spiral out of control coincided with the 2006 death of her mother, Elizabeth “Bebe” Moore Campbell, who succumbed to brain cancer. Maia, best known for her role as a cherubic girl on the TV sitcom “In the House,” has not been the same since.

Her mother wrote numerous books to great acclaim, but became known in later years as an advocate for mental health. It was rumored that the reason her mother tackled mental health with such passion was because Maia herself had a mental condition, but it’s never been confirmed.

Whatever the cause, it would break her mother’s heart to see her in the state she is now. It is unknown if her father or any of her former co-stars, including LL Cool J or Debbie Allen, have tried to reach out to Maia, but it’s only too apparent that she has not gotten the help she needs.

But who are her exploiters?

If she has no close circle of friends then perhaps the Internet community can help find the shady characters contributing to Maia’s death knell: Whoever posted the video purportedly shot in Compton, California — on YouTube surely has an I.P. address that can be traced to a street address. This address may be the person who shot the video. It could lead to finding out where Maia is and who she is with.

Britney Spears got help. Paris Hilton got help. Lindsay Lohan got help.

Who’s going to help Maia Campbell?

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