Bowtie Bibs

Nothing is new under the sun, but sometimes things need a reintroduction into the spotlight and that is exactly what Designer Timo Weiland is trying to accomplish with his bow tie collection. Mr. Weiland is known for making chic, bold and fashionable statements with his ties and his collection of bowtie bibs is out to push the envelope.

Reminiscent of big Christmas bows, the bowtie bib could be pretty hot if you rock it right.

Clutchettes – would you rock a bowtie bib?

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  • I definitely would wear a bowtie bib. A friend of mine designs Cravats. Her name is Kate Ross. I would consider the bowtie bib a femme cravat. Its the females way of distinguishing her versatile side without going overboard. You know? If you have more questions just go to distinguishedcravat.com and see about Kate Ross and her creations. Or just e-mail me inquiries via my blog above. =) But yes clutch I’d definitely wear a bowtie bib. It’s cute creative and posh. Timo Weiland is doing the right thing people. =)

  • Niqs

    Hell yeah wot a cute statement to add to any outfit…