You can’t come up on money easy these days. And that’s why every possibility, no matter how small you may think, to earn some extra paper and (save some too) should be tested. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. If you like testing the latest in beauty and makeup, and happen to have a knack for persuading others to try them too, then you may want to consider a side gig in direct sales. Companies like Warm Spirit and Mary Kay offer the opportunity to sell their products and reel in some extra cash.

$mart Chic Tip: Practice at becoming a skilled makeup artist and earn big bucks making people up for events like weddings or graduation pictures. Who knows, you could be the next Molly Roncal prettying up the faces of celebrities!

2. If last season’s must-haves are now absolute have-nots, and you swear you can’t give life to new looks and set new trends, then sell your old stuff to a trendy second hand shop like Plato’s Closet or Ebay.com. Your rejects are someones next fabulous find.

3. If you’re working on your college career, but need to also work on making some extra money, consider braiding hair if you’ve got the skills. This is a service you can provide to the girls and the guys on campus!

$mart Chic Tip: If you’ve got the talent to not only braid hair, but happen to be a skilled artisan in nail design too, advertise your services and earn even more money!

4. The stress of the recession has many couples romance meter on low. Help them get it back up by offering to entertain the kids while they spend the evening together. Time alone could prove so beneficial that you end up getting repeat customers and some new business via word-of-mouth.

5. Being good to you is important, but treating yourself doesn’t have to cost much or anything at all. Check the newspaper for free events like concerts in the park and campus events. Universities sometimes bring big name people to the campus for speeches and other events.

6. When not in use, unplug the espresso machine, the curling iron, the cell phone charger, and iron to lower your energy bills.

7. It’s worth the time put in to clip coupons and check circulars for savings on the everyday things you use and foods you eat. So start looking at your “junk” mail for valuable coupons and sales. Another sweet place to go for savings is PennyPinchingDiva.com. She’s got the daily deals that save you dollars!

$mart Chic Tip: Attend this year’s first Blogalicious in Atlanta, GA October 9-11 where Shynea Hunter, the “Penny Pinching Diva” herself, will be on hand to offer ways to…pinch your pennies!

8. For all your beauty booty, I like BogoFetcher.com.

9. New York Fashion Week just passed, but wait a few more weeks when retailers will put all the stuff you wanted, like, yesterday on sale and host your own fashion week with all the fall savings!

10. Update your wardrobe with trendy finds that you can dress up and down with jeans or skirts and sneaks and stilettos. Graphic T-shirts are my favorite right now.

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