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There have been several lists created informing women on how to tell if their man is cheating so I decided to give some tips to the men on signs that the woman is up to some tricks. The list can be adjusted and some may see the signs as meaningless. As a woman who has been cheated on and been a cheater at one point, I beg to differ. Women are usually more emotional creatures, so there are some signs that we give when we have lost interest in a man. Our behavior may not change dramatically like a man’s but there will be changes.

1. Her friends are single and like to mingle.

Women sometimes work in group thought. If their BFF has a man then they too want someone special to spend time with. On the contrary if their BFF is single and hitting the clubs up every weekend then she might become envious of her friends freedom. Suddenly she can recall the days when she was free and guys chased and lusted after her. She envies her friend going out with a different guy every other night. Every woman needs to feel wanted.

2. She is spending every weekend out with her friends and she never includes you.

If she went from hanging out with you on the weekends or even splitting her time between you and her friends on the weekends to spending every moment with her home girls then warning! Especially if you never receive an invite.

3. She suddenly does not have any time to spend with you (outside weekends).

I am a firm believer that as adults we make time for what we want to make time for. This includes people. If every time you try to spend time with her she has a reason why she cannot hang with you but always seems to make time for her friends then that it a sign. Women like to spend time with their man if they are into him. If she suddenly has no desire to spend quality time with you then it might be because she is spending quality time with someone else.

4. She doesn’t bring her cell phone or keeps it powered down to save the battery etc..

If she never answers her cell phone while she is out with her friends then there might be cause for suspicion. You also should question if she constantly powers her cell phone down while she is out. Her excuse might be that she wants to save juice for her phone but don’t believe the hype. Get her a new battery for it. Most people don’t turn their phones off while they are away from home. That is the point of having a mobile phone. Get it? Mobile Phone.

5. The sudden appearance of a bunch of male “friends“.

A woman usually has a few platonic male friends but usually these are friends who have been around for a while. Some even before your arrival in her life. Either way, if they are really just friends then at some point you should have met them. If suddenly she has an appearance of a gang of new male friends that you have never heard of or met before hand then that is a reason for alarm. They might be her “special friends”.

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