It looks like Kanye is gearing up to drop his much anticipated clothing and accessories line Pastelle. Images from the collection hit the web last night on Swagger Dap. The three leaked images of the collection are pretty cool, but not what we were hoping (or expecting) to see from Mr. West, but again it’s only three photos. We know Kanye is holding the good stuff for the big launch — right?! We hope :)

From High Snobiety:
UPDATE: Earlier today we posted some images from the long-rumored Pastelle by Kanye West collection. Although pieces have been seen worn by Kanye West during several public appearances (such as the 2008 AMA Awards), Pastelle will never be released. That’s right. We’ve received official word that Pastelle will not be coming out. Ever. That said, Kanye West will release a collection under his own name in the near future. Stay tuned.

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  • whit

    come on Kanye. MAKE US PROUD! I’m still excited to see what he puts out. I know its going to be ridiculously expensive.

  • Rhue b

    Kanye is by far the best dressed rapper I have ever seen. I hope he brings that to his clothing line.

  • anon

    i love kanye, but i am glad he cancelled this line… for one thing its corney to do a fashion line.
    I think he would do much better desiging house wear and fly fun furniture.

  • Bailey

    @ anon – the line is not cancelled. The article says its about to drop meaning about to be released.

  • anon

    if you click on the source link (swaggerdap) it shows that these images have been pulled do to it CANCELATION!