• Brandi

    I can’t stand her. Does she have an opinion on everything!?

    WTH? Is unproud even a word?

    And I’m sure being black has done wonders for him, like she said. Cuz he’s had so much privilege. (rolls eyes)

  • esp

    i am so sick of this dumb white bitch thinking that she has some kind of valid opinion on everybody’s experience. he won the award simply because he’s black? god it’s like people like her can’t stand to give a black person credit for their accomplishments.

  • bronzebeauty

    She is a living, breathing, walking, talking form of cancer. Her toxicity can’t be cured.

  • Alex

    Ann Coulter is an insufferable human being, but she’s a smart lady. Run off at the mouth about anything concerning blacks or “left wing” politics and get press, get book deals and get paid. Ann is a hustler. LOL And like herpes, it’s annoying, but until they find a cure what can you do?