Here we go again

Looks like Tyra Banks has joined the Blackface fashion craze. Tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model features the remaining contestants on location in Maui. The concept of the shoot is to attempt to make the contestants look biracial — hence some rocking brown skin.

Yes, there was a similar shoot some seasons ago, however, amidst the controversy brought on by the fashion industry’s recent obsession with Blackface, we’re perplexed as to why Tyra chose to give this concept the green light. We understand that the whole Blackface issue sparks heated debate, but that’s only because of it’s historical context. Many see such imagery as purely artistic, but non-White folks are not caricatures meant to inspire costumery.

Clutchettes and gents — we’d like to hear your take on this. Has ANTM caught Blackface mania? If so, is it acceptable when commissioned by a Black woman?

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  • OWright

    I wasn’t offended. Blackface is intended to exaggerate the features of an African American and reinforces negative stereotypes about our culture, clothes, hair dialect etc. I saw none of that in these pictures.

    It’s the equivalent of going up to every non African American with a tan and accusing them of Blackface. Like someone posted earlier, i’s just not that serious.

  • lul

    You seriously need to stop labeling everything as “BLACK FACE”. Do you even know what BLACK FACE is?!! This is NOT “BLACK FACE”. This is an example of a couple of models role playing/dressing themselves up as beautiful African women. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS. Like someone above has already mentioned, “Black face” was about the bizarre distortion and caricature of Black people, used to mock and humiliate them.


    Thank you. :D