• angie apparel

    I am half black, quarter indian, and quarter white.
    obama is mixed raced, and so am i.
    I do not like obama, for logical reasons, he IS a socialist and an elitist.
    I’m liberal.
    I am not a racist.
    Americans are SO obsessed with race, or at least american mainstream media.
    Dont mix racist idiots that have always been racist with people who oppose to obama.
    what a load of shit.

  • Maurice

    Paused 39 seconds into video.

    Flashblock enganged.

    Hi, Tim Wise, and welcome to A LONG TIME AGO.

    We will never stop talking about race, religion, politics, sex, violence, guns, cars, and whatever else is the vice du jour in the United States. Like Mr. King said, this is a sick society. But more importantly, what if Obama is a socialist? So what? What actually changes in our economy? Isn’t it obvious that we live in a mixed economy? Socialist ideas and policies are all around us. It’s been this way for almost a century and now American citizens are suprised? Are you kidding me? When did socialism become a bad word?

  • Brandi

    Maurice, thank you for saying that! I’ve been telling some idiots for awhile. I wish I could shake your hand.