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  • Rhue b

    wow great legs beyonce!!!!!!

  • whit

    that wig!

  • Nikki Aimee

    Now, Bey knows she’s too old to be trying dress all young & funky.
    She looks rather sloppy here.
    And that lipstick MUST go! I mean, like yesterday she must depart from that lipstick *smdh*.

  • Who gon’ check me boo

    Nikki, Beyonce is young and funky. Woman is 28 years old not 38. However, She should have left out the sweater. Or keep the sweater and wore a simpler top.

  • I don’t like the sweater either, but the rest is quite trendy. It seems like she has dressed for comfort rather than to look good, so can’t blame her for wearing a sweater that clashes a little.