Author Teri Woods, Friends, File $1 Billion Racial Bias Suit
It was supposed to be a big night for top urban fiction author Teri Woods, who had invited 175 people to party at a trendy SoHo nightclub to celebrate her new book. But Woods ended up in tears when she found almost her entire guestlist being kept outside Greenhouse’s notorious velvet rope. Now a $1 billion class-action suit says the partygoers were denied entry because they were black. “They should have just put up a sign that said, ‘No Coloreds Allowed,'” fumed Kashan Robinson, 39, of the Bronx, one of the plaintiffs. “There was no reason for them to not allow us into that club, except for the color of our skin.” Club owner Barry Mullineaux declined to discuss what had happened to Woods’ party beyond calling charges of racism “all pretty much bogus.” (Continue Reading…)

No Winner for $5 Million African Leadership Prize
In a snub to recent ex-presidents and heads of state in Africa, organizers of a multimillion-dollar annual prize for good governance on the continent said Monday they had decided not to give out the award this year. The Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership is awarded only to democratically elected heads of state who have left office in the past three years. That requirement limits the pool of contenders, eliminating the continent’s strongmen leaders, some of whom have held onto power for decades. The committee considered “some credible candidates” but could not select a winner, said former Botswana President Ketumile Masire, a board member of the group that awards the prize. Created in 2007 by Sudan-born billionaire Mo Ibrahim, the prize awards $5 million over 10 years and $200,000 annually for life thereafter to encourage leadership that improves the prospects of people in the continent. (Continue Reading…)

Suspect Arrested in Fatal Stabbing of UConn Football Star
It’s almost too sad to fathom: A player who abandons his hardscrabble neighborhood for the serenity of small-town life is a victim of senseless violence, killed in cold blood. A player who relies on his teammates on the field of play takes his last gasps of breath in the arms of a teammate who is powerless to save him. A father-to-be with NFL dreams, a young man with hopes of supporting his mom and two sisters, is cut down celebrating a homecoming victory. Jasper Howard, a junior cornerback from the University of Connecticut, who was the first in his family to attend college, was a victim of this harsh reality. (Continue Reading…)

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